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iam from shndi area the same place where great olivier visits,,,,i hope to see you again in this country nasir alarbab 0922677217

Great colors.


'Towards the evening of the last day (of the initiation) the three priests came to me with a serene countenance and one of them told me I was about to be admitted into a body which had been formed by merit alone. I would hold the first rank in the esteem of mankind, that although initiation was but a participation of the priesthood, the priests alone were such by birth, whereas the initiated attained their rank by a merit which had undergone the most rigorous trials.' From The Travels of Antenor in Greece and Asia with some account of Egypt. Chapter 69. History of the Initiation Concluded.

Hello Daniel; Compliments to the photographer.

I hijacked it and posted it on Panoramio

because of its relevance.

Greetings from Florida.

Many thanks Atlas11 for yours comments. You are welcome anytime to visit my galery.

Greetings from Canada, Daniel.

'After this (sacrifice), the solemn procession began being led by six officers who had proclaimed the ceremony and who from time to time sounded their trumpets. Two files of guards of the same order accompanied the procession on each side throughout the whole extent. Of the four clases of priests, those of mathematicians, physicians and lawyers, went first, being preceded by their children, who wore the same dresses as them.............Next paraded a very numerous band of musicians, consisting of priests and their children, thus announcing the tabernacle of Isis, which was carried on the shoulders of eight priests, being immediately preceded by virgins of the same order, cloathed in very fine white woollen dresses decorated with flowers and performing light airy dances before it to the music of sistra and crotala which they carried in their hands. Other virgins of the same order were burning perfumes on either side, the smoke of which enveloped the tabernacle in a cloud.' From The Travels of Antenor in Greece and Asia. Chapter 69

'The walls and roofs of the temple are full of hieroglyphics expressive of the history and worship of the gods.' From The Travels of Antenor in Greece and Asia. Chapter 69.

'The town of Epidauros is consecrated to Asclepios for which the inhabitants assign the following reason. Coronis, the daughter of Phlegyas, king of the Lapithae and one of the greatest warriors of his time, was beloved by Apollo. When she became pregnant, she went to Epidauros to conceal her condition from her father and be delivered of the child whom she exposed on a mountain. A goat, however, gave him her milk and the dog that guarded the herd of Arethanas watched over his preservation. One day, the goatherd missing both the goat and his dog, found them attending on the child, whom at first he was going to carry away, but observing his head was surrounded with resplendent rays of light, he concluded him to be a god and showed his respect by leaving him untouched. A rumor was immediately spread that a miracle child was born who cured the sick and raised the dead.' From The Travels of Antenor in Greece and Asia. Chapter 56.

'Before the reign of Psammetichos*, the Egyptians thought of themselves to be first that were created among the humans.' From Herodotos' The Histories. Clio. Book 2:2.

*525 BCE


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