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Copies of more info about the saga of Homer: from: Sad news today from the Valley. Homer the grizzly is dead. The Conservation Officers did not want to do this but they were left with no choice. If we don't want dead bears it's time for all residents to get Bear Smart and stop attracting bears into town. It's not the bears fault, think about your actions people! Rest In Peace Homer.

Bridge River Lillooet News The saga of Homer the Grizzly Bear Comments August 31, 2011


About five years ago, I wrote a feature story about Homer, a grizzly bear who, despite his chicken-stealing ways, was protected by the people of Seton-Shalalth and Gold Bridge-Bralorne. They did not want to see Homer, a healthy young male, put down as a garbage bear.

Unfortunately, he transgressed once too often and the Ministry of the Environment made plans to kill Homer, who could not successfully be relocated. Not long after, I heard that Homer had been killed.

Flash forward to this year’s Salmon in the Canyon Festival and a display booth about grizzly bears in the Lillooet area. To my surprise, it seems the reports of Homer’s demise were greatly exaggerated.

I was told a conservation officer had Homer in his sights, he pulled the trigger and…blasted to smithereens Homer’s brand new, one-week-old, $10,000 radio transmitter collar. Homer got away.

Nothing was heard from him for the longest time, but this spring DNA fur evidence indicated Homer had surfaced again. There are even reports of him being sighted in the Bridge River Valley. It’s good to know Homer is still alive. Too bad about that collar, though

We just happened to luck out with a small boat tour from Icy Strait with this outfit: Whale & Marine Mammals Cruise

I doubt it. If they saw it, they might stop trying to destroy it. Of course, Sarah Palin lives fairly close to it, and destroying it doesn't seem to bother her.

Gotta love Frank Lloyd Wright. We have a ton of his projects in WIsconsin, ( where he grew up and lived most of his life ) here and AZ

This is a gorgeous shot!


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