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This gallery is meant as a symbolic sign to show that our thoughts are with those who are suffering around the world through catastrophies. Let's be humble in the presence of tragedy, no votings, no YS! Spam and personal propagando will be deleted. For uploading photos. please see further down or click the "read me first"-tag and see the first text below the photo. Dear friends, the late happenings of the unbelievable catastrophy in Japan has made me decide to open this account. It's but a humble place to express our feelings and deeply felt empathy with photos and/or words, addressed to people, who are suffering and undergoing immense distress, such as has been happening through earthquakes, tsunamies, volcanoes, fires, floods, wars and other catastrophies during those last months and years. I am aware, that we can do only little to nothing to help, but maybe it can bring a little comfort to those affected by hardships, in seeing that people are with them in the hope, strength and courage which is needed to overcome this terrible tragedy. You are invited to upload photos, which express your feelings of empathy. To load up a photo you have to login the >empathy< panoramio account under the following adress: panoempathy@gmail.com; the password is: pacifico You may upload as many photos as you like, but no more than two or three at a time, until someone else has put up a photo again . If possible, write a few words below your empathy-photo in your own account. Please put your panoramio or real name in the title or your signature or initials in the photo. Bitte Texte in "Empathy" von dem eigenen Account aus schreiben, damit diese richtig zugeordnet werden können. Vielen Dank! Please write all your texts in "Empathy" from your own account, so that they can be connected with you personally ! Thank you! Thank you for participating and for sharing your photos! M. Berger(swissmay)


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