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                                  TOGETHER WE ARE STRONG!


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Đã quá đã !!! YSL 2/3

Beautiful bridge, and well composed photo. LIKE 50
Greetings from Greece, Vassilis.

We can save Panoramio! Sign the petition form to keep our beloved community alive!
We need minimum 10000 signatures, but we can reach MUCH MORE!

Μπορούμε να σώσουμε το Panoramio! Υπογράφουμε το σχετικό αίτημα για να κρατήσουμε την αγαπημένη μας κοινότητα ζωντανή.
Χρειαζόμαστε 10000 υπογραφές, αλλά μπορούμε να έχουμε ΠΟΛΥ ΠΕΡΙΣΣΟΤΕΡΕΣ

...sabías que Panoramio está amenazada de cierre? Los usuarios estamos firmando aquí en un intento por evitarlo!

                      DO YOU MIND ABOUT PANORAMIO FUTURE ?
                        IF YOU LOVE AND LIKE PANORAMIO:


                        SEND THIS LINK TO EVERYBODY, THANKS!



Dear Panoramio friend,

Google is going to kill Panoramio! For more information please refer to your forums!

The group ! VIEWS ? No, thanks ! is your protest group!

And please sign the Petition Google: Keep The Panoramio Community Alive from the founders of Panoramio, Eduardo und José to Google and spread it!

Wake up!

Let you know all your friends!

Thank you very much for your support!

Hello All.

I start from the release site Panoramio designed by Eduardo Manchon for sharing photos, and here now that Google having earned more than $ 11.2 million photos, he'll want to close this site it's a scandal for the Panoramiote million that we contributed to the success of Google Earth, Maps and more.

Warning message that should be read by Eduardo Manchon. We Eduardo Manchon, founder Panoramio contacted, and who should do it after a few days to change your mind with Joaquin Cuenca, the other founder of Panoramio, decided a new Panoramio. At the moment we are making news on PM, please email your friends PA, if you wish to join.

Please also contact

Address for the petition to Panoramio for Google (in English).

Google: Keep The Panoramio Community Alive 1.
2. Pétition de Panoramio Founders Joaquín, Jose and Eduardo Espagne Since Google announced the closing of Panoramio we, the Panoramio founders, have got hundreds of messages from Panoramio users from all around the world that want to keep the Panoramio Community alive. For 9 years Panoramio users have been carefully taking, selecting, sharing and manually geolocating 80 millions of photos for countless hours. They gave Google the right to display their photos in Earth and Maps. It is fair to ask Google to keep the Panoramio community alive in exchange. Panoramio is not just a website, nor a tool like Google Reader, Panoramio is a group of people that care about good pictures and love to illustrate the World. Users have become friends at Panoramio, they have met personally all around the world. Today a user told us that she met her husband at Panoramio... read the reasons below the petition to know about the users. Panoramio is about people that shared tens of thousands of photos. They made a great effort that benefited Google. Google offered users to migrate to Google Views. This new service looks great, but Views is not Panoramio and it never will be. Every community is unique by itself, like any group of people is different from any other one. Many Panoramio users don't feel that they fit into Google Views mainstream snapshots. You can’t force anyone to merge with a different group of people. No reply was possible in the closing announcement in the Panoramio forum. Users don’t like the scary migration plan through Google Drive with two steps. Users got broken promises of keeping the site alive just few days ago. Some core features for the community are going to be lost (faves updates, comments…). No wonder why Panoramio users don’t want to migrate to Views, the migration as planned will kill the Panoramio Community. We wrote a detailed document “Open questions about the Panoramio migration” with our take. Sign this petition to ask Google to keep the Panoramio Community alive. Roger.

...este mensaje me llegó a través de Chrinon (José) y lo comparto con todos vosotros: Este mensaje es de Begoña, os lo paso a todos mis contactos: Tengo noticias sobre el futuro de Panoramio. Este mensaje lo ha recibido Peter van Lom, de parte de Draken (moderador de PA): "UN NUEVO PANORAMIO ?! Este es un mensaje que acabo de recibir de DRAKEN Moderador - Corre la voz y registrarse - Peter Tan pronto como se hizo el anuncio de la fusión con Vistas entré en contacto con Eduardo Manchón (fundador original de Panoramio). Él se sorprendió y decepcionado y respondió que lo pensaría creación de otro sitio web, pero tenía que convencer a Joaquín Cuenca. Después de dos días el mensaje de hoy es ... que van a hacerlo! Mi aliento dio sus frutos. Se abrirá una página de aterrizaje hoy o mañana y quieren contar con el apoyo / compromiso de un número determinado de usuarios (1000-5000). Eduardo me dijo que podemos difundir la noticia (me imagino que debe ser a través de PM y no abiertamente en el foro, al menos no todavía). Ellos están dispuestos a recibir información de los usuarios ( ya que quieren tener un manifiesto escrito con la firma de los posibles usuarios apoyo al nuevo proyecto ¿Puede usted enviar algún PM difusión de la noticia y pasando la dirección de correo electrónico de Eduardo? Espero que se sienta tan entusiasmado como yo. Gracias !! Draken" Por fa, si estás de acuerdo, manda un mensaje de aprobación a y difúndelo entre tus contactos. Saludos cordiales. José.



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