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I am an enthusiastic amateur. I use 35mm film and digital. My photographic aspiration is to produce landscape photos that present the subject in the most pleasing and natural way possible. I no longer participate in the forum due to the absolute pig's ear that G**gle have made of it. I appreciate sincere comments and will endeavour to visit the galleries of those who leave them. COPY AND PASTED COMMENTS WILL BE IGNORED AND/OR DELETED.

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Andy Rodker Wow you have gone back in time Andy ~ Glad you like it, it is a swing gate that I often pass through on my walks ~ Thanks for the YSL and have you noticed that photographs are being reviewed again ~ All the best ~ nick

Such a beautiful place! Great photo! Hello from Athens

What a lovely story! :)))

It's a great coastline in Norfolk, Keith, but unfortunately the weather didn't fulfill the promise of the early morning forecast. But I enjoyed the walk, although Adrian found it a bit boring. ;-)

Cheers, Amelia

Discretion is the better part of valour, Keith. On a visit to Denbigh, I was waiting for a bloke to move from in front of a rather nice church. After a couple of minutes the hearse arrived! I had to walk away very discretely.

Cheers, Amelia

Yes Amelia, you're so right...." and beyond".

What lies between, what's under our noses and beyond is the obvious, as wonderful as it may be!

Look beyond...., even beyond the sunset, beyond infinity either way, there lies the ultimate reality which no eye has seen....

A reality, a beauty, a wonder beyond our comprehension that reflects back....across the obvious... back into our inmost being.

That other extremity that has a purposed affinity with our Creator God.

Greetings from Hobart, Tasmania.


I thought it was strange how they had gone from regular shaped wall stones to seemingly random stones in the arch. An old skill probably long forgotten and that is holding up quite a weight. Thanks.


This was on the way back down - I was too shakey going up. Thanks Amelia.


Hello Amelia certainly an interesting shot here and one "liked" by me again .. i have passed this churchyard a few times returning from walks in the hills surounding it but never thought of looking in for a shot so thanks for making the effort to do so

best wishes .. steve


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