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I am an enthusiastic amateur. I take mainly 35mm film. My photographic aspiration is to produce landscape photos that present the subject in the most pleasing and natural way possible. I no longer participate in the forum due to the absolute pig's ear that G**gle have made of it. I appreciate sincere comments and will endeavour to visit the galleries of those who leave them. COPY AND PASTED COMMENTS WILL BE IGNORED AND/OR DELETED.

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Wow.... what a tremendous reaction to a shot that I thought was only just salvaged!!! We set off at 5.30 in order to be 'somewhere' by sunrise and Looking Glass Overlook was where we chose. For better or for worse!!!

Overall we were unhappy with the shots we took from this location, but as I say; this was workable.

So many thanks Gyöngyi

I agree with you Sixten - so often we try to get things out of the shot only to find they add so much when we see it later.

I have almost no eye for these shots Jeff - thats why I enjoy shooting with others who do! I am so glad to see you have come out :-)

Thanks Keith - the mist in the valley... now there is another story - sometime!

Its not Scotland Elaine but its the best we can do!!

Many thanks y'all - David

I just bought Lightroom 5 but I am still learning to drive it. Thanks David.


Steve. D LOL Good one Steve thanks for your kind compliment and like too ~ All the best ~ nick


It made for some amazing wonderful images. I just happened to get caught in the middle of it at Montrose beach.


Some of the best photographers I can not remember.... thank you so much for your kind words.


some things are just a mystery. I was happy to have the fog roll in...

The vagaries of selection are beyond me Keith. So pleased it was selected second time around. :))

Oh it was lovely Amelia. It's weird: This is the original upload and it was rejected for GE. I copied it and reloaded it for my holiday message and that one was selected!


Thanks Amelia. The view was across the sea to the Albanian mountains, so yes - lovely!


I couldn't find a door, though I didn't look round the back. Maybe it is a Corfiot "folly".

Thanks, Keith

Красивое место, удачный ракурс!

L 4

Привет из России!

С уважением, Геннадий Мисько.


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