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I am an enthusiastic amateur. I take mainly 35mm film. My photographic aspiration is to produce landscape photos that present the subject in the most pleasing and natural way possible. I no longer participate in the forum due to the absolute pig's ear that G**gle have made of it. I appreciate sincere comments and will endeavour to visit the galleries of those who leave them. COPY AND PASTED COMMENTS WILL BE IGNORED AND/OR DELETED.

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Wow mother Norway is for sure a tough lady ;) LIKE but why deported like this?? Warm wishes, Peter

The inside is open to the public. It is mainly a big shell with stairs up to a remaining balcony. It still smells of smoke! The two wings are also open and undamaged. The owners used to live in the wings before selling to the National Trust a couple of years ago.


johnnywithoutcash, ~ Hi there Johnny and thanks for your compliment and like ~ Best wishes ~ nick

Hi Keith many thanks for the 'excellent'!

I could not leave Winslow Homer out of any narrative of this area, shame all his paintings of local life are in private collections in USA, and worth millions of dollars each, as he had no love of money himself!

Hav a grand weekend!

In all my years I have never taken the time to wander around that point. My loss. Great shot.


I don't think they are chimneys! I think someone over the wall was making a rude gesture! Nicely spotted, Mike.


Oregan.... been there, done that Suzi

My 'kids' cycled down the coastal trail this summer and I enjoyed there pictures (we were invited to join them).

I don't know if we'll make it that far, lets see what the next few years brings. If we come we'll be sure to search you out!



A superb photo, Sue. I won't try to write in rhyme or rhythm, but simply say you must be delighted with this image, yet. I just found it on GE! Like


You see Peter I understood that remark totally!

But why?

There is no Goodwill store in this block, but I assumed there was because there should have been. I get all my best clothes at the Goodwill......

Cheers my friend - Jethro

...... and Jack, I LOVE how you don't miss a thing! Thank you so much for enjoying this wonderful gem hiding back in the woods. It was a most exciting moment for me. As you can tell, I felt very small standing beside such an impressive beast. Just to think of what it looked back in it's day...... Ahhhh, yes! Thank you again for your appreciation of such a neat and wonderful thing. All the best to you today! :)

Very true, Flying Dutchman! It is disappearing rapidly! I'm glad I was able to see this gem before it's gone too! THanks for visiting. :)

Greetings, Borfel, and thank you for stopping by. I appreciate your kind words, and I'm so happy you enjoyed this delightful old trestle. :)

Conquilha, Thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed this! :)

Hello there, Mario, and thank you for your kind praise! 'So happy you enjoyed this trestle. :)

Michael, I think this exact same way. Oh my goodness..... the time I have spent pondering these very things! Thank you so much for stopping by. :)

Schmeukel, Thank you so much for your enthusiastic big like! I'm delighted that you enjoyed this fabulous old trestle! YAY! :)

Keith, Your observant critique is probably right on! I bet you're absolutely right. I wish I knew more about the history of this particular trestle, but there are not too many people left around here to talk to about it. So often I wish I could drift back in time just to learn more about so many things from the past. My mind is constantly seeking more. Thanks again for your kind praise, and for enjoying this great trestle as it still stands. All the best to you. :)

ICM, I think you visited back in March! Yikes! What is wrong with me? Can you forgive me? I'm so glad to hear that you're doing well and keeping busy enjoying doing the things that you love. Thank you for your kind and thoughtful words. You know I always love a visit from you. I hope everything is still great in your world, and I will look forward to catching up with you again soon. :)

Thank you all, once again, for visiting.

All the best from Georgia,

Mary Alice


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