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I am an enthusiastic amateur. I take mainly 35mm film. My photographic aspiration is to produce landscape photos that present the subject in the most pleasing and natural way possible. I no longer participate in the forum due to the absolute pig's ear that G**gle have made of it. I appreciate sincere comments and will endeavour to visit the galleries of those who leave them. COPY AND PASTED COMMENTS WILL BE IGNORED AND/OR DELETED.

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I love this photo too Keith, and it makes me homesick every time I look at it. Many's the time I used to swim in this tidal swimming pool when I was a wee lass, and traipse round the castle and the bottle dungeon too. It was free in those days.

Cheers, Amelia

Thanks Jethro. It's actually my house taken over the bonnet of Mike's Roller. ;)


Ever since my first ever trip to Keswick I've found Cat Bells to be an optical joy. Cheers.


Thanks Stephen. The weather was a little more settled than when you visited. ;)


Thanks for pointing out my mapping error mate. I have now corrected it. I didn't see Rochester Cathedral in Grasmere, either on the map or when we passed by, but I guess someone else made a mapping error. Cheers,


I shall endeavour to keep this clean and free from any rhymes (even though one must admit it's difficult at times)

Bonnie wee Lass ye cheeky wee scunner aa only stick ma tongue oot tae Scots fowk like yersel!

skida, Keith you are a pal doing all that hexplanashun tiv yon Rafael thanks Man!

Jethro Hi marra, excuse the size of me bod on here, too many steroids and pork pies! (Mebbe Keith was using a wide angle too!)

Nick you are such a wag,

I am not a bard

just a wind bag!!

Happy Days and Many of them, my friends!

Rafael, I shall peruse your gallery soon

We were in Norfolk 2 weeks ago, and didn't get rained on once, although there were some 'near misses'.

Look forward to the new uploads!

It is one of the most photographed items around here, Amelia, so it is difficult to find something new to say about it photographically. Thanks for the kind words.



best wishes from Italy, MF.

More than likely a miner who died underground, Rafael, as this graveyard had many such memorials where the inscription could be read. I am fascinated by strange weathering patterns on gravestones. Here is another

Thanks Rafael.



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