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I am an enthusiastic amateur. I use 35mm film and digital. My photographic aspiration is to produce landscape photos that present the subject in the most pleasing and natural way possible. I no longer participate in the forum due to the absolute pig's ear that G**gle have made of it. I appreciate sincere comments and will endeavour to visit the galleries of those who leave them. COPY AND PASTED COMMENTS WILL BE IGNORED AND/OR DELETED.

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Keith Skida

Thank you so much for your view. I am always impressed every time I do get a change to go to BCN and see what else they have finished.

This was obviously years ago and sadly I could not get a chance to get to it this year...... next time...


thank you..I always smile when I see them because you know they are talking about everyone and everything

I love pushing boundaries (as well as pushing buttons) Keith

Many thanks - I hope it inspires you to push some too - Happy New Year mate - Jethro


I'm not sure how likely that is. I am/was an Electronics Engineer and that gives me license to be stupid in matters like these.

Thanks for the compliment however!

Best wishes for 2013 - Jethro

Derek Geer ~ Thank you very much again Derek ~ Very best wishes to you for 2013 ~ nick

Bead blasting the streets seems to be taking cleaning too far! Nice weather shot. I also think you got short changed with YOUR Gormley. ;)


It's a nice time of day to visit, when the crowds have mainly gone off for their evening meal. We had a similar sky when we stayed at Burns Farm a few years back. Lovely light, Pete.


So clever - and artistic too. A good use of waste products! :))

I wonder if Shropshire recycling is up to doing something as good with the mountains of waste landfill products!

The crazy thing is, the turbine is standing above an untapped coal seam which would have kept Bates Pit profitable for at least another hundred years, and I am sure there must be a cost effective way of getting energy from coal cleanly. Most of this country is sitting on top of huge untapped coal deposits, yet we import most of our



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