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Welcome to The Kamalyn Factory Outlet: Odds and Ends and Overstocks, mostly from around New England. But sometimes Kamalyn (user 286174) throws me a miscellaneous bone, like with the Bean. The laugh is on her with that one. She thought her photo was better! :D _________________________________ But just like Kamalyn, I find that all of the Google changes to Panoramio have made the site too inaccessible for me to be able to actively visit the photos of others, or to comment or actively post photos anymore. (The geniuses at Google have made it so that Panoramio is VERY difficult to view even with Google's own Android platform!) Along with all the pointless changes, the reformat to an unusable and exclusively Google-Account forum has destroyed the site's once amazing sense of community. So while I do check in from time to time, apologies in advance for only sporadic replies to comments. Cheers.

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Did you leave your footsteps in the sand H?

<sigh>, i wish n1w would come back and referee again. i'll break a bottle over don's head if that's what it takes. i know its extreme, but i'll pull out the stops if necessary.

Howdy Bits. There still some responses you haven't made to comments given to some of your earlier postings back around August 2009. All in good time :))

Does the title show up on GE or just the image?

LOLOLOL Gizen Kitahama - Thank you! I'm glad you see what I saw there. Greetings from Boston :)

Thanks Tery, ESENlik and Gizen Kitahama! This piece of land recently transfered to the public - hopefully this will be made more park like. The view across the bay is great.

(And a special Thanks Gizen for such a poetic comment!!!)

Well, Jean, they once did - they're Canada Geese, so they think they're in the tropics here, and see no reason to leave. Thanks!



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