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Complimenti da Roberto

@tonig23: the from you suggested position is exactly the same as the one I gave? What should I change?

This picture is taken on the beach of Solenzara. To be exact it is taken on the beach of the old camping 'Eucalyptus'. It's a view to the south, with on the horizon the port of Solenzara.

This picture is taken at the lock of Kallo. it's an image from underneath the lockdoor on the riverside. Both the rails on which the lockdoor rolls were replaced. You can see one of the rails in the picture. The wagon on which the lockdoor rests, and rolls, was also revised.

The part in the back of the picture with the supports in the middle is a 'shell' that lays on the bottom of the lock, over both rails. The slit in which the lockdoor sits when the lock is open, is dammed with a custom made damming-plate. This plate also fitts onto the 'shell' on the bottom of the lock. This way the slit and 'shell' can be sealed and pumped dry, and work can be done over the TOTAL lenght of the rails.

Shipping was possible during the whole operation. This on a tight time-schedule, and with restrictions on the depth of the ships.


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