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Agree with Andy Bennett. Correct spelling is "Wahgi Valley". Another river, the Wagi / Wage is Southern Highlands Province.

I stand corrected by my son, who knows the tribal language better than I do. "Ku" means "stone", "gar" means "house." Ergo "Kun Gar" maens "stone house." There is a small cave hidden by some of the rapids just above here--I wonder if that is what is referred to in the name.

The blue shirts are the uniform of Kudjip Community School. The girl on the left in the front is the daughter of one of the aides at the hospital.

More correctly 'Ku Gar' (lit: 'stone house').

It is exactly at the mouth of the Ngalimbu River, 16.5 km east of Honiara.

Apinun. Nogat, this mud-man show is in the culture center of mount Hagen for tourist. Ofcourse it is Goroka that famous for mudman.Later I will show it. Goroka's original Mudman musk is different from this.Tenkyu.Lukim yu bihain.

I posted Mudman in Goroka.

The bright yellow face makeup of the Huli make them one of the most recognizable tribes in PNG. The wig is made of human hair over a bamboo frame. This man was part of the singsing group that performed at the Hagen Cultural show in 2003.

Hi Andy

You are correct. I didn't put the label there. Wagumin comes from Google or Panoramio's use of a public domain gazetteer dating to the 1950s.

Same problem on MS Encarta. I took the general problem up with them 2 yrs ago, but they fobbed me off with a 'we review our policies from time to time' reply.

Sorry. I'll try to tidy up a bit more next time.

What's the story behind this?

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