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I’m a geographer. What does that mean? Broadly, I’m interested in how people shape their environment. Geography literally means – to describe the earth. Geographers have long dealt with this problem of describing the earth – we inherently generalize and gloss over many facts in our descriptions of the earth and the beings that inhabit it. Thus the scientific (or artistic) description of the earth is never perfect, never accurate, never complete. Rather, I’m interested in how people describe the earth – how do we, as societies, communities, and individuals understand the earth, relate to the environment we live in, and modify the space we inhabit to suit our needs and desires. When we make a garden in our backyard, we are geographing – we are writing our desires and needs onto the surface of the earth in tangible, material form. When we build a house we do the same. When we build cities we are geographing – not just describing the earth as it is, but rendering the earth anew in a way we believe it should be. All of our activities, no matter how mundane, inscribe the earth with the evidence of our existence – from taking out the trash, to watering the garden, to constructing a massive hydroelectric power plant. All of our activities have impacts on the earth that are visible in the landscape, and are reflective of social relations, normative ideals of landscape, and pragmatic needs for resources. As a geographer, I study how we make space, how we construct places, and what understandings we have about space and place that guide (or force) our actions to render the earth anew. I use photography to highlight, document, and comment on the connections, both tangible and intangible, material and immaterial, practical and spiritual, between human beings and the earth.

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Devils Lake is unofficial called the Snake capital of Wisconsin. If you go there in the warmer mouths of the year your guarantee to see a snake. I'll been to Devils Lake about ten times I've Seen at lese one snake every time. They say theirs so many snakes because of all the rocks in the park. There is one venomous snake in the park the Timber rattlesnake. I have not seen one in Devils Lake yet and hope not to see one. I planning on going to Devils lake within next two mouths.

Corey Coyle

You can easy get lost in Devils lake State Park. I have never gotten lost there before but the trails are not easy marked but the Wis. DNR is working on making them more easy marked. I love Devils lake State Park all but the snakes that I see every time I visted the park. other than that where are some really neat rock formations in the park. Devils lake is the most visited state park in Wisconsin and the largest in area. In July 2012 thier was a small forest Fire in the Park.

Corey J Coyle

I love cross the Wisconsin River at the Merrimac Ferry. I get to cross it about twice a year even though I live just 30 minutes away. Since this Picture was taken the Wisconsin DOT has replaced this ferry with a new one in the year 2003 and the cables in 2010.

Corey J Coyle

Can suffer bird eggs, hedgehogs ...

Thanks, I was reading James Michener's book 'Centennial' during this trip, so the image of cowhands holed up in a line shack during a March blizzard was stuck in my head when I took it. I was looking west when I took this, but the view to my east was even more WOW - a rainbow arcing out of the tail end of a thunderstorm! I wasn't able to capture it as well on film (this is a scan of 35mm print), because the light towards the east was less than ideal (and, perhaps, because I'm not as good a photographer as I sometimes think I am!), but it was kind of an unforgettable moment.

We all travel down the same road eventually. I can't tell you how many places I've been where someone has asked "are you Blake of the Bluffs?" We're all tapped into the same consciousness sometimes, seeing the same things, walking the same paths. When you're out on the Great Plains and it seems like you're the only one around for miles, it's easy to forget that someone else has been there before, lots of people in fact, have done what you are doing, shared that experience across vast amounts of time and space. Kinda romantic when you think about it...

Silver City was the first morning stop on RAGBRAI XXXIX, thousands of riders inundated the hamlet, home to under three hundred people on a normal day. Some soaked up gatorade, others chose beer bongs on main street, I went for biscuits and gravy, fuel for champions!

NIce picture !!!LK Best regards from France--Pierre



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