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I haven't seen that movie yet, but I keep meaning to.

Thanks, Mick. Taken at 70 MPH on the way out to Colorado. Noticed the wind turbine a long way off, but when I saw the old wind mill below it I had to grab my camera.

Incredible place. Getting Indiana Jones flashbacks...

Thanks. My dad used to have an old Willies truck just like this one. Kind of cool to think about how many years it must have took to bury the frame of this truck in the dirt.

Blake, Thanks for the info. I like the sounds of the books. The book by elliot, the Indian agent in C.B. sounds especially interesting because he would have first hand knowledge..
My brother still lives in Glenwood and will be very interested in this information too. Thanks again.

Beautiful picture Like_1 Greetings. Best regards from spain feduca

First of all, I apologize for having such a post appear on your site, Saad. Second of all, in America we spell it "harbor" not "harbour". I suspect that USA ROCKS is perhaps Canadian and is trying to give Americans a bad name. Thirdly, as if the aggressive rhetoric and foul language were not enough to indicate that USA ROCKS is an unstable sociopathic moron, Pakistanis are not Arabs, a difference any respectable American would know. All of this evidence points me to the conclusion that USA ROCKS statements are blatantly un-American, as any self respecting American would spell "harbor" correctly, would know the difference between Arabs and Pakistanis, and wouldn't stoop too such despicable language in response to what should be a reflective moment in history.



Well, now I know the true story behind the rogue llama. My wife almost went into the ditch when we drove by! Thanks for sharing.

What's the story behind Burgerville Hill?



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