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I wish I could take credit - my wife actually took this shot (that's me on the bike). I'll pass the compliment on, thanks!

Thanks. It's a 25mm, I think. I can't remember exactly which lens I had on at the time.

Thanks, Blake of the Bluffs! I'm glad you like it. There are a lot of interesting places in Southern Illinois when it comes to nature, but I can understand why you said that if all you saw was Cairo.

If you are really into spelunking and decide to come down here, you should try Mammoth Cave which isn't too far away in Kentucky. If you haven't been already...

Thanks, Jesse. It might look appealing, but it just barely broke 0 degrees that day! And to top it off, I was trying to clean my camera earlier in the day and scratched the light sensor on accident (you can see some specs in the image if you look really close above the horizon). I wasn't sure if it would turn out well or not, but I'm glad you liked it.

Hey, no problem! I wasn't familiar with the plant you were citing and just figured you were probably on the right track. They seem to look similar!

I was hoping someone would identify it for me. I don't think it's native.

Dianthus armeria. It is exotic, but not really problematic.

Haha - nice! This is a beautiful image! Even though we can boast only one sun, it is quite a lovely one - I like the streaming rays you've captured in this photo.

Beautifully captured, Blake!

You're right, it's not the ice house. The picture is taken from the ice house (the shadow in the lower right corner is cast by the ice house). But I'm pretty sure that the building on the left, partly behind the cedar tree, is the 3-holer. The one straight ahead is the curing house/spring room.

Check out the map of the ranch buildings at:

Thanks for pointing it out to me.



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