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Thanks, Milo! It was January (13th to be exact) of 2008.

Yeah, it was gorgeous up there. It's actually a private development. There are a lot of roads, but the houses are scattered out pretty well, and there are some common areas that the property owner's association keeps undeveloped. If you go to and search in the La Veta, CO area, you should be able to find someone to rent from, that is the only way you can get access (it's gated).

Thank's for the comment. There's a lot of interesting Iowa history buried up the hills between Council Bluffs and Glenwood. Here's a quote from the Salem Lutheran Church homepage: "Salem is one of the oldest Iowa Lutheran Churches. In October 1880, the Western District of the Iowa Synod was organized in this church. It was known as the Mother Church of the Central District of the American Lutheran Church, from which some 100 Lutheran churches have stemmed, including those at Mineola and Treynor (Iowa)."


I was delightfully surprised to find this pocket of native prairie at Folks Road Park. Lots of wildflowers and old twisted oak trees, a great respite from the dank, humid jungle that makes up the rest of the park (there was a heat advisory on the day I was there - disgusting weather to be hiking in, but you gotta do what you gotta do right?). I'd give this remnant another ten years before the forest completely takes it over...

Thanks, Rick. I don't know why I put it all the way over there!

Having my dogs off leash is against park rules, but the glock stuffed in my beltline was a-ok. (I don't really carry a gun, I'm being sarcastic...but maybe I should start carrying one, in case I am at a National Park and someone's unleashed dog comes running at me...)

Those are some Great Dikes!

Make sure to deflate your tires to 20 PSI on Medano Pass Road...seriously.

And if you see any hippies smokin' a j stay out of their way! (Nothing against hippies, or smokin' j's, it's just that they don't mix with 4-wheelin')

I was wondering what that was all about. Very cool shade whatsoever, but still a great place (especially if you're a geology geek like me!).



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