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Hi mnragnar, super photo. I am glad to find it. :)

Y* & L

Greetings from "old" Hamburg, febrok

I'm theorizing fellow, local photographer, "Minnjohn" may have solved my mystery as to the fate of this historical landmark...

Until I hear otherwise, I'll be satisfied with my theory.

Greetings MinnJohn! - I'd taken a break from my Panoramio activities for a while. In fact, I'd taken a break from most of my photography activities to concentrate a return to my RC aircraft interest of long-ago. - After a heavy focus of learning helicopter piloting and relearning fixed-wing piloting and building a few new aircraft, I've begun to merge my passions. - With $35 - $300 digital video cameras strapped to the bottoms of various aircraft, I've begun my venture into video and YouTube publishing. - However, I've also found that some of the frames are acceptable stills. Thus, I've found a new perspective to bring with me back to Panoramio and Google Earth postings. - I have a few locations in mind that I've captured terrestrial based images that I'd like to revisit from this new perspective. - This image is from a GoPro Hero2 HD video camera strapped under a "40" sized, electric powered RC airplane. - Thank you for your comments MinnJohn and stay tuned! - Glenn

Thank you Paul.

When I saw this from the road side, I thought, "There's no way that this is going to be a believable image. This will look so Photoshopped." After taking a walk around the structure, it made perfect sense. They've mounted antennae on top of this structure where they have clear line-of-sight access for miles around. The terrain is as flat as flat gets and there isn't another object of this height as far as the eye can see.

Whether in B&W or in full color, the contrast between the sign and the vintage elevator is quite striking and humorous. I have to believe that's WHY the Roger's sign was placed here to begin with.

But I hadn't thought of your spin of, even grain can be stored in cyberspace. That would explain the recent removal of the railroad tracks. No need for them!


Many thanks, aswanson, for the memories about this place.

Thanks for noticing "AustinMN". I watched those turbines for quite a while and noticed the ever-so-slight difference in their rotation speeds. I knew it was just a matter of patience and timing to both capture the synchronized image and a positioning that would be pleasing to the eye. Though they're not perfect, I think the image conveys a haunting feeling from these sterile and perfectly cloned outcroppings from this otherwise green and relaxing countryside. Some things are so difficult to capture in an image.

Welcome to the Minnesota Wildlife Management Area group! In addition to WMAs, we allow photos of Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs); State Natural Areas (SNAs); Aquatic Management Areas (AMAs); National Wildlife Refuges (NWRs); and National Waterfowl Production Areas (WPAs) within Minnesota.

This was originally built around 1985 or so as a convenience store called "The Cracker Barrel" (I can't recall if it also had gas pumps or not -- I don't think so). The business didn't last long -- maybe a year, if that. It's been a number of businesses since then, none of which ever lasted very long either. Looks to be up for sale again, judging by the sign I see in the picture....

You'd never believe it by looking at this now, but when I was growing up in Winthrop back in the 80's, this place used to be a gorgeous Amoco station. And I mean GORGEOUS. It was probably the best looking and cleanest business in the whole town. It used to decked out in the Amoco red/white/blue color scheme everywhere. The place was spotless. Kinda sad to see it like this....



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