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Note the asymetric end posts used to accomidate the skewed placement of this bridge. Both approaches of this bridge share this odd configuration of a vertical end post on the right and a diagonal end post on the left.

This is a difficult to get to bridge, but not as hard as an abandoned CNW bridge in Sanborn.

It was a test to see if a certain website would take it.

Not my best photo ever here....

I never got a chance to see either. I was born in 1997, and the bridge was down by then. I put a lot of research into it though. I believe the bridge could have been saved

I was major bummed when I saw the demise of the bridges on this former railroad turned trail crossing between Shakoppe and Chaska. I'd crossed this a few times in the 1992/1993 era on bicycle and remembered a beautiful and scenic ride. A terrible loss!

  • Glenn

Both the lift-bridge (in the foreground) and the Robert Street bridge (in the background) are on my list of "must visit". Nice capture of both!

Thank you, John.

I visited your website and your Panoramio collection. Impressive.

I noticed your credit to John Weeks. He has an enormous amount of informatin on his site.

I noticed that you've visited many sites that I've loaded onto my Garmin for future visits.

Check my collection for tags of "railroad" and for "bridge". I've got a few "mystery" bridges I'd sure like help with.

Feel free to leave comments!


Beat me to it..I saw it in mid November, but found it in early June. :)

A vintage 1960's style cylindrical Mobil gasoline pump. This one missing it's translucent back-lit dome and retired to kerosene duties. Check out the old ice cooler!

"Cardtrol" Wow! Remember when a "Cardtrol" meant you could fill up 24/7? Even when the station was closed? Without an attendant? How cool was that? Talk about cutting edge! Where else were you going to fill up at 2:00 am unless you had a Cardtrol for your local Coop!



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