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It is on the peninsula between #4 and #6, but closer to #4.

Thanks, but I'll be honest: I just got lucky. I never expected the shot to turn out this well.

Thanks! There an old saying about having good material....

I looked there because I had heard of the Erzgebirge and precisely because it is NOT a tourist trap. I have never been into cities, although I would like to visit Dresden. I am from Wisconsin USA, and my favorite part of Wisconsin is the hill and valley (driftless) area where the last continental glacier did not scrape the terrain mostly flat. The driftless area has less varying elevation that Saxony, and I like a little taller hills.

Dies foto ist ein Blick auf Dolni Poustevna, von Dolni Poustevna. Javorov.

I'll second that; great shot, terrific view! -Malcolm

Wow. Perfect place for an oak like that.

I used to live in the area, and I still live in Wisconsin. Your pictures make Wisconsin's summer appear more beautiful than they are, and Wisconsin's summers are pretty darn nice. I guess what I'm saying is, your lake-and-surroundings shots are very nice - they make me want to be there (and not just because there are 14" of snow on the ground as I write this).

Great shot! It's is not that often one can get smooth water for reflection on Lake Monona. Beautiful!

I have a similar but zoomed out Monona Independence Day fireworks shot from the hill on the end of Pflaum Road:

Dusk Skies

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