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Hi brad,

I just found some of your flower photos while on G Earth checking out El Malpais. My name is Jim Bergstrom and I grew up at 409 N. Stone in La Grange park, Illinois (1955-1964).

I attended Lyons Township High School and have lived in Arizona since 1973. I was born in Topeka, Kansas in 1951. My grandfather on my father's side is from Eveleth, Minnesota, near Duluth.

Small world, eh. I, too, have many Panaramio photos under "Madjag".

Hang in there--maybe after your 50th visit you'll finally learn how to spell "Lionhead" and "Berners"!

This photo is of "a place" (as per Google Earth's policies)--it is a taxi stand (for the river taxi). I suppose if I took the photo 10 min. after the taxi had left, it would still be of the same place, only with no people, and no boat. It would have been a far less interesting picture, but acceptable to Google Earth. I think they need to reconsider their policies!

This year was the beginning of the mass die-off of lodgepole pine west of the Continental Divide, caused by the Ips beetle. Most of this forest is now dead, and it is spreading east of the Divide and to other conifer species. Truly tragic.

Nice shot of Parry's Primrose in the foreground (an abundant riparian wildflower in the alpine and subalpine of this region).

I graduated in 53 and lived at 5266 W Leland in a house which my grandfather built. You'll see a picture of it in early 1900 or look up my pictures under Tom Wodrich

This is not cold lol, cheers from Russia

I am tracking my loved one across Alaska from Tok to Anchorage and came across your picture. Thank you. It's nice to see what he is seeing.

Памятник Владимиру Ленину из гранита. Скульптор Л.Е.Кербель, 1967 г. На этом месте в Усть-Сысольске до 1930-х. стоял Стефановский собор - в то время самое большое здание в Коми: Памятники Сыктывкара


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