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De nada. Me gusta mucho pasear por todas las ciudades de Cuba.

Es verdad. Gracias-

El edificio destruído era la Tienda de Viveres de la familia Cristo y a continuación la vivienda de toda esa familia. Gracias por las fotos.

Esquina de Maceo y Coliseo. Punto de reunion de los jovenes del barrio en la decada del 60. Gracias por las fotos.

hermosas tus fotos. esta me gusto. saludos desde San Rafael Mendoza - Republica Argentina .. LIKE para esta foto.

hermosas tus fotos. esta me gusto. saludos desde San Rafael Mendoza - Republica Argentina. LIKE

Hope you speak English? Spent over an hour looking at many of you pictures. My comments here are for all the ones I have seen. First time I have been able to see Cuba through a Cubans eyes. Looks like a wonderful Country in many ways. Thank you very much for this opportunity.
I also take pictures of my travels. Been taking pictures for many years but digital has changed everything for me. Unfortunately only my digital pictures can be posted. From my digital experiences I would humbly suggest a little lighter touch on the "saturation" edits. Meaning sometimes the reds and blues and greens are a little on the strong side. Less so but some lean toward "warming" a little strong too. Over all I very much like your pictures. Can you download Picasa3 from Google for editing? It is free. Another thing I noticed from my travels is the Cuba's streets are generally empty of people. Take the one above. This picture shows more people than most. Many city scenes are nearly empty of people. Where are they? Maybe you took some pictures very early in the morning before people come out? Are there other reasons?
If you walked down city streets in any other country the sidewalks would be full of people. If you are used to so few people you might be uncomfortable out of Cuba. If you have seen scenes of foreign cities you know what I mean? If you speak English and it is possible to email me direct it might be interesting to talk. I am a retired architect near Sacramento, California on the west side of the US. My email is bsdunbar@sbcglobal.net My name is Barry Speer and politically I am a Democrat meaning I am for in favor of you type of government although with a lot more voting by the people to say what they want. Wealthy people and corporations can be good for societies if they are not allowed too much power and control which is becoming a bigger problem in the US in my opinion. I could be wrong but in my 69 years that is how it seems to me.
Sincerely, Barry Speer

Enormemente triste. Como se explica tal decadencia. Vivia en Padre Valencia 193. Nunca mas he vuelto pero describi mis recuerdos en un libro que se llama Cuando llego septiembre, disponible an Barnes & Nobles y Amazon. Lo que era de verdad Camaguey, mi Camaguey. Una ciudad tan bella que ha sido olvidada. La tienda El Encanto, El Volcan, La Zambrana. Que ha pasado? Que triste.

Calle Juan M. Marquez / Simon Bolivar y Jesus Menendez is the street where my Cuban family Hernandez is living. Zoyla, William ,Yoslaydis, Liudmilla , Hector, Maria and my husband Ernesto.


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