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Hi Maierzwo, I'm always happy when somebody enjoys one of my pictures. Everytime I look at this one it reminds me of the excitement you feel when you discover a beautiful location for the very first time. Aren't we lucky to be able to record, and share, the beauty of the world! Regards Steve.

That's a great idea!


Exactly, Steve...


Hi Darko, I am very happy that you like my picture. Greetings to you in Macedonia!

Winters in Hobart aren't too bad Steve. Most Mainlanders would probably disagree with me but they're only going on what they see on the TV weather and they don't live here. Winter is still (as in no wind), sunny days but cool. Get out in the sun and its beautiful. Not too hot, not too cold. Day time is 14 and overnight its 6c, but 14c is shade temperature, so its probably 20c or more in a sun trap like the Bishops garden above. Only got to 17c here today (lovely sunny day) and currently 10.5c at 8.41pm. cheers mate Gary.

Hi Stu, This particular theatre, which has always been noted for the size of its stage,has been running 'The Phantom of the Opera' continuously for twenty six years. We finally got to see it a fortnight ago with some friends on a day out. Glad to say that this lovely old building has a thoroughly modern ventilation system, so, even though the place is packed, there's none of the stuffiness that you get in a lot of old theatres. Regards, Steve.

Hi Stu, Judging from personal experience they've all migrated to the legion of Coffee shops with outside tables where they eye you up like hungry vultures. And talking of birds, you must have the eyes of an eagle to make out that 'don't feed the birds' sign. I hadn't even noticed it until you mentioned it! Regards, Steve.

Grey day in Australia Steve. Not possible :-)

The sun is rising too late these past mornings to see the light on the mountain like this when I go for my morning walk Karin. Its getting cold too with the sun still below the horizon for my entire walk. Brrrrr. I guess I could go later and probably will in a few more weeks as winter draws closer.

Hi Stu, Many thanks for the 'Like' . Thanks to their location these Pubs are a good place to sit and watch the comings and goings around the Harbour. Those of us that were born and raised locally are always waving the flag for the Portsmouth area because it has so much history...well worth a visit if you're intending to tour the country. Let me know, nearer the time, what your intentions are, and, if we're not away on holiday, we might be able to meet for a drink. Regards, Steve.



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