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Lovely shot of the Cotton Indian Creek, thanks for taking it. Glad this place has been photographed now. Well done!

This collapsed shed was part of the extended machinery that ran the old sawmill for sawing trees into timber. There was the gristmill, the sawmill, and the corn and fodder "wheel-mill" which was powered by a horse or mule walking around a central grindstone with a cover stone(quern) with a timber pole and straps. This shed was standing as were all the others but one when I was a yong boy.

When I was a boy, the bigger kids would jump off of this bridge into the water when they were swimming, but only if it was very hot outside. I was always worried about getting bitten by a water mocccassin. The boards were more stable but still old back then. The rail line would pick up and drop off grain and flour, etc. from the miller and move on to Stockbridge and Atlanta.

Good capture of the old milling machinery, next time you go there, if you try photographing in brighter light with a different angle, you will get even better results. Thanks for sharing.

Fantastic! Glad to see that the old wheel, sluice and millrace are still there. When I was a boy my sister and I walked or bicycled down to the mill ruins with our parents during the autumn months and I would watch leaves fall from the trees into the creek and float down the mill race faster and faster then they would go over the gate onto the wheel and get stuck in the troughs. The water would make the wheel rock back and forth a couple of inches....I thought it was great but wanted to see the wheel turn so badly. No one ever tried to restore the mill, they just let it go to wrack and ruin.

It is a shame that the old mill complex is ruined now, the dam still looks pretty strong, though I imagine it will be eroding away too. When I was a kid I remember the bigger kids walking all the way from one side of the creek to the other across the top of the dam wall during dry summers when the water in the creek was low.

Believe it or not, when I was a kid I remember visiting this old building when it was standing. The doors still opened and shut on the old hinges. The machiery inside could still be seen, and there was an old grindstone with a long pole attached to a wheel for a mule or horse to walk in circles and grind salt, meal, or whatever. That was about 30+ years ago. Nice picture of the ruins of an outbuilding. This was probably a storage building for the bags of grain or whatever.

The light in this shot is beautiful and very calming.I am so glad that someone has finally photographed the old mill and buildings. I miss seeing those old ruins. I grew up just down the road from this old mill, and used to ride down a path through the woods to get there.


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