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Great bridge in a great landscape. I like this part of the US. Greetings from Germany! Michael

Olivier, Felipe, Marta - Thank you for your comments. It's not often that you see the beach with only one person and a dog.

Greetings from California - Richard

Thanks for your positive comments, Herb. I enjoyed looking at your photos of England. I've never been there, but my grandparents were born in Bradford; not very far from Oldham. They came to the US about 1924 and I believe I still have some relatives in the area. Bentley's or Pollard's

Greetings from California, USA - Richard

Congratulations to the architects of this new project. It's not easy to erect such a huge structure at the edge of a scenic location and not disturb the atmosphere of the place. Quality architecture will always be a part of it's environment and not over-power it. The hotel and it's adjoining buildings blend into the scenery and seem to belong there. This is how it's done.

Hi, Laurel. There are no cattle here, as you noticed there's not enough for them to eat. This is Navajo homeland and the whole area is absolutely beautiful. The Navajo are among the finest people you could ever meet. With strong character and a good sense of business, they love to sell their jewelry and other crafts to us white folks. (and I always need to buy something) The fence is to keep their sheep away from the highway. Beyond the 'highrises' lies Monument Valley, a most amazing place which everyone should see at least once in their life.

To visitors from Europe and Asia: Forget Hollywood, Disneyland and Las Vegas; see Monument Valley. ...OK maybe Las Vegas too.

Greetings from California, USA - Richard

This spire is the remaining hard inner core of an eroded volcano.

Known as The Agathlan in Navajo (the place for scraping the hides).

With this great light and dark sky, the tower crane is transformed into a sculpture. Nice work. My other favorite is your Orkney Islands stone cottage.

Richard - California, USA

Thank you, Silke.

Greetings from California - Richard

An ominous looking sky, but the water still looks so blue. What a beautiful photo.



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