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The last time I did the whole trail was in 2009 on an ATV. I haven't had the urge to do it again. Probably never will! In 2009 it had washed out really bad from my previous trips. Those deep ruts in the trail really got my attention.

The only reasons to go on it are to look for wild bighorns and mustangs. For some reason they do not get disturbed on this side of Wilson Peak. We have seen several bunches of bighorns here.

Even more nerve wracking downhill. I should have known it was a bad trail when I passed Elvis just before I got to this spot! Seriously, I passed Elvis!

I went down that trail, NEVER AGAIN! I wouldn't recommend it to anyone unless they travel it in a helicopter! It took forever to make it all the way to the bottom.

Hi! I love to go driving and exploring the Owyhees in Idaho and on the Oregon side. Three Forks has some incredible history, too. I'm also glad you gave me some feedback on the creek names. I tell you it's crazy, but I tried my darnedest to figure out the correct names of those creeks but anyplace I looked gave conflicting names. I'll get around to updating them someday soon. If you can tell me exactly which photos to update the names I'll go ahead and do that. Thanks!

Mid-May this year.

That's an amazing picture. My Grandfather grew up on Herndon. I've not been there but am planning on a visit for the first time in March. While checking out Herndon on GE I came across your picture. VERY NICE!

Nice picture :)


Yes,I bet they are gone Jason. After extensive browsing,I found the land across the river (west side) and at least 100 yards up-stream is where the "wilderness study area"border is,not WILDERNESS,not the area where the signs were "posted". Albiet the mud-holes were always a booger for all to pass-through,they should be filled with rocks,no shortage of 'em out there!,happy soaking! If every person going there would just grab a few rocks at the top ,the holes would be fixed within one summer!

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