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Well, we must uphold the supremacy, you may be seen as a sign of weakness and not of adapting to most countries. I would greatly facilitate things have a unified system of measures, it is also much easier to use, imagine a way to measure solids, liquids, weights, distances ... based on units, tens, hundreds, thousands... as with dollars, for example, is much better this way, no one is wrong because every part of the unit, the 1.

Thank you very much, well-used Internet is wonderful, I've always said.

So there for many years, my first phone was a Motorola analog and at that time, 1995, as tracked and spied your conversations if they wished. The last thing I read is that the Chevrolet brand cars have been attacked by a pair of hackers getting to succeed in stopping a car at full speed and distance. Today everything is electronic and therefore capable of being pirated or altered, the phone is a device more.

Imagine an entire month with temperatures above 100F, that itself is heat. Yesterday I walked 3 miles and arrived just Exhausted, heat produces a very strong feeling of exhaustion, I drink three liters of water a day if I do not want to have hydration problems.

Or Birkenau, some go as if it were a theme park where take pictures and buy souvenirs when in fact it is a hub of human pain and suffering.

WOW !, impressive history, ice produces terror, it's like a great glacier that destroyed the bridge as if it were a small tin toy, the photos are spectacular. That photographer was certainly an excellent professional, we can see almost a hundred years after that event through your photos. Thank you very much for the link, it has been very interesting to read and view your images.

Thanks, it's easy for me to describe it because in my country will happen one after another such situations, man strives to control nature when in fact nature could wipe us out in an instant if so decided.

Something like that. The issue of Cuba is an example, it seems that after more han 50 years is to lift the blockade, which will give rise to a myriad of business of foreign companies on the island. To the old dictators were decent retirement and seek to be relieved of duties as genocidal torturers and Cubans have wasted a lifetime to live miserably. Another example is Iran, no one believes that Iran will give up its nuclear weapons and its belligerent zeal, they carry in their genetic, it is a warlike people and will not cease to be. But Mr. Obama wants to say goodbye as a hero and you will get it, is the new Kennedy.

Maybe something like THIS

Thanks Susan, is something that will overcome because that's life, I sometimes come memories and sometimes seem to have spent a thousand years since I last saw you, I know that is quite normal in situations of mourning and as such it I assume they are steps that have to be overcome. Rusty I'm sorry, it's a sad news.

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