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Hello, I am Volkan, MSc. Electronics Engineer and I am working in the LED lighting design, integration and effects programming field. Digital photography is my vision and my freedom. _______________________________________ Education: S. Eczacibasi Elementary School. (Received medal for being the Best Ranking Graduate), Izmir Ataturk High School, (3 Fen A), 9 Eylul Un. Elektronik Muh BSc (1991), Additional training from UC Berkeley (1992), Illinois Institute of Technology MSc (1995), Honorary recognition from Turkish Army (1996), EU Patent Attorney (Since 2001). Inventions: EP1389788 (2004), EP1509063 (2005). Philips / Color Kinetics Solid State Lighting System Integrator (since 2008). _______________________________________ I hope you enjoy viewing my photographs as much as I enjoyed taking them . I deeply appreciate to all those who took the time to share their thoughts with me. I Strongly believe having Panoramio account and Published Photos on GE is a great privilege. I hope everyone treasures as much as I do. If you feel like you need to reach me in person, try contacting me via; +. _______________________________________ Cameras I used are; EPSON 750, Nikon 800, Nikon 880, Canon G3, Olympus C4000, Nikon 5700, SONY V1, H1, H9, H50, HX5V, HX7V, HX20V, HX30V, Alpha 65V and Fuji Real 3D W3 :) _______________________________________ To get involved with X-3D photography, please visit http://www.panoramio.com/group/8049 _______________________________________ 3 Boyutlu Fotografcilik X-3D http://www.panoramio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=13267 _______________________________________ All my Photos at once http://www.mrg-design.net/cgi-bin/p-track.cgi?user=63737 _______________________________________ My Personal Site http://www.vphotography.org _______________________________________ Thanks for your visit, come back soon :) http://panorank.com/index.php?op=usuari&usuari=63737

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Yes, looks like very big effort was put in to create this beautiful mosaic art. Next time when I am there, I'll see the artist details from the lower right corner. Thank you again for your message, Cheers :) Volkan

Hi T.Lilley, If I am not mistaking these were 5 of the 4 second exposures stitched with Autostitch. Even back then SONY had 14bit A/D converter for digitizing the signals coming from the image sensor while everybody else was offering professional digital cameras with 12 bit A/D converter which has 4 times less light level resolution per pixel (2^14=16384 levels per color vs 2^12=4096 levels per color). Hope this helps. Best wishes from Carrollton, TX. Volkan

Hi Daniela, I don't have much idea about golfing but I believe this is Town of Palm Beach owned golf course. It's a great place for photographs especially when golf balls aren't flying around :) Cheers from very cold but starry evening at Carrollton, TX :) Volkan

USA is so big, so much to see -and take my SONY A65 with 8mm Rokinon Lens around :) Cheers, Volkan

Thank you so much again Berna :) Although I am not always happy that my wide angle lens is creating the starry glare effect, on this one it looks OK. Cheers from Palm Beach, Volkan

Glad you liked it Berna. I feel very lucky that I could capture these moments. Best wishes from Palm Beach, Volkan

Hi Laura, thank you for reaching me. I'll try to upload better ones soon. Best wishes from Palm Beach, Volkan

This portuguese man of war is really highly venomous, never touch it even already landed or dead.

Hi BORRO02, thank you for your kind remarks. I am sure Bellevue is still nice. I visited the town on my way from Chicago to Galena, IL. Hope you can visit there someday. Cheers from Dallas, TX. Volkan

"陳金山 on September 14 鬼斧神工... Seven Wonders of the ..."

Yes, I am so happy that I could share these in 3D with the "...World".

Thank you for your comments. Best wishes, Volkan



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