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That is one reason for this gallery, people can see the original photos. Not all are bad pictures that need to be fixed. Some need no, or very subtle alterations. But the one's included here have been changed more dramatically, even if they did not need it.

Yes, but I still made some changes. The edited version has more colour and detail in the sky. More like how I remember the place.

I almost missed these comments, I don't use this account often. I have lots of pictures that are never shown because I don't think they look good enough to upload. This was one I did not like. But after I tried to improve it with Photoshop it seems much better. I made this account to show how dramatic the change can be in a picture. Sometimes it is a bad picture with poor exposure or colour that I want to correct. Sometimes the picture is already good but I want to show better how a place feels or how it looks to my eyes, which is something that the camera alone cannot do.

The focus was very poor on this picture, so was saved by the "old degraded photo" look. I just had to clone out the Range Rover and PA speakers to look more authentic.

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Elegant adjustments! Nice work!

Best regards; Ali

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