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How sad to see the cannery all falling apart...we spent so many summers there...makes me want to cry...I am glad I have all my I look at the net loft and boat house I can picture it all how it used to be...with the bench at the top of the ramp...such fun days....also Pine Punk should take some history lessons...Canadians are mostly eskimo's???

we're gonna go throw a potlatch at the head and set the dragon on fire! burn sucka burn!

nother cupla dirty snowbacks going to fish for little throwback leftovers outta the tribal gillnets, if they only knew the tribes centuries of knowledge of fat chinook runs and hidden well placed nets are gleaning the lion's share year round while tourist fisheries suffer in their helpless ignorance. So dumb, they are selling stolen land log by log to China for less than beads (for paper) and they even beg to do the work themselves! heh-heh-heh! the Abominable Snowback, on a path of total destruction to... himself?!? bwahahahahahahaha!

I love the kalakala as much as anybody, enough to know her days are over...she's gone, time to give what's left of her a dignified burial at sea!

Senator Bohner's second?

God seems to really want that river damned..."By Me, let those humans tear down their concrete dam - I'll create a monster of a log dam that'll take months to untangle with their little tractor toys...then I'll make another and another and so on - no shortage of material here sweet My Son I'm having fun!

Looks like the Milwaukee Road tunnel under Tokul Rd. adjacent to the old Snoqualmie Falls mill.

yuppie scum particle board and gypsum boxs w/ a personality

several years back "someone" took some red and yellow paint to the words so that it read FART ILLS THE VOID - the forgery was so well painted that for a month or so nobody even noticed d!^j

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