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Hi, I'm Bob. My wife, Doreen, and me live in northeastern Pennsylvania. NEPA - not far from Tunkhannock in the beautiful Endless Mountains region. Timothy K. got me hook on Panoramio. Tim's western Canada and arctic photos are awesome. I failed my medical in 1985. Had some serious health problems, some of the remnants remain with me. Nevertheless, I occasionally bum rides and I will always be in love with airplanes. Once flying gets in your blood, no way to get it out. For as long as I can remember, airplanes, rockets, meteorology and the Canadian arctic have captured my mind and imagination. Pre-Internet days found me pouring over maps, charts and aerial photos of Canada's far north. Another early influence: I grew up near "Hadley Field" in S. Plainfield, NJ. In my early teens, Dean Smith, one the first pilots to fly night mail out of Hadley Field ~1922-23, authored his book, "By The Seat of My Pants." That was it. I was going to be a barnstorming pilot. By the time I got my license, barnstorming was strictly frowned upon by the FAA. Another book I devoured many times over, Wolfgang Langewiesche's STICK and RUDDER written in 1944 remains a must read for all aspiring pilots. After my first read, I understood how raising the nose on final approach, enables the plane to go slower, down faster, and land a heck of a lot shorter. Use the throttle to control rate of descent. I wonder just how many private pilots "get it" to this day. Eeeeeaaahhh.

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Sure is a birds eye view Dixie. That was a Raven nest which is pretty much the biggest baddest bird of the north. Take care. Tim

I would really love to visit New Zeland but not on next years agenda. I think we are going to Costa Rica for some tropical heat! Take care. Tim

John and Emily,

Thanks for the visits, kind comments, “YS” and “Like” votes. Gabe

There are no words to describe such a beauty. Your picutre is enough...

Hello George! Thank you so much for coming over to our beautiful north! There is so much more than ice and rocks! Take care and cheers from Winnipeg. Tim

BOB!!!!!!!! I hope that you are getting better! It's getting lonely without your comments and interesting questions!! Let me know how things are going. I had an "event" myself and have been off work for the past few weeks. So far so good and they said my ticker will keep on ticking (hopefully). I still have tests to do but it sure was a scary event. Anyways please let me know how you are doing. Timothy K

Hi there Andre!!! Nice to hear from you again. How is your fall going so far? Good weather I hope! We have snow falling already but not staying yet and I haven't even started my yardwork! Have a great day and take care. Tim

Thank you very much Crina! I hope that you have a great summer! Take care. Tim

It sure is rough country! I don't know how the Inuit are able to put up with such cold temperatures. I don't think I'd last a week on my own. Thank you very much for your visit Stan and I hope you come back often! Tim

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