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Hayk Nahapet was the legendary patriarch and founder of the Armenian nation... By using this album, I tryed to represent Armenian architecture & natural beauties of Armenian Highland. This historical & geographical region was the cradle for the Armenian people during 4,5 millenia. Nevertheless, merely small part of it now belongs to independant Armenia. Historical Armenian Homeland occupied eastern half of present-day Turkey, northwestern Iran, Republic of Armenia, eastern half of present-day Azerbaijan and south of Georgia. This albom describes the cultural heritage of one of the most ancient peoples of the world, that despite the difficult fate reached our days. Losing almost all of their lands & most of population, they managed to protect the rich culture, traditions & mentality they had inherited from ancestors. As a result of unscrupulous political ambitions of the superpowers, they suffered of a physical & cultural genocides. Resulting, two million Armenians found itself killed by Turks & Kurds, just because they were born Armenians. Now most of Armenians deprived of their homeland, numerous churches & monasteries left unattended got savagely destroyed by Turks. At the time when Turkish scum were engaged in murdering of Armenian men, raping women & children, old Armenian books & manuscripts taken from churches that contained age-old knowledge served to Turks for wrap the cheese in bazaars. Mountains of rotting corpses were everywhere In the villages and cities, at the fields and roads, in the gorges and at the lake shores. Turkish diplomacy today doing incredible efforts to hide all of this terrible recent past from all humanity. Using a massive misinformation and forgeries of a history at the state level, and also bribery and blackmailing the other states, Turkish authorities in league with many unscrupulous politicians from a NATO team countries set out to bury the Armenian genocide issue, and help Turkey to avoid responsibility for this crime. The main catalyst for the supporters of the idea named ​​"expiation by the forgetfulness" today is the smallness of the Armenian nation (10 millions) and the indifference of many countries to this topic. Today this policy is still working and most of the world under the influence of active misinformation or self-interest refuses even to recognize genocide as genocide. Only time will tell what in future will prevail on Earth, egocentrism or conscience?


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