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My name is Roy, I live at Otley in West Yorkshire and I am retired. I am not the best photographer and most of my pics depict the unusual.

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Jumbo is a massive Victorian water tower which dominates the centre of Colchester in Essex. At 141 feet high and built in 1882, it was made of one and a quarter million bricks, 369 tons of stone and 142 tons of iron to support a 230,000 gallon tank. 157 steps inside the central pier lead to a cupola 116 feet above the ground. It was named after Jumbo, a six and half ton African elephant which was a popular feature of London Zoo at that time. In fact, in 1882 Jumbo the elephant was purchased by American Phineas Taylor Barnum for his circus and the removal of the elephant caused a great outcry to no avail and Jumbo was duly shipped to America to become a star attraction there. The Grade 11 listed water tower was decommissioned in 1987 and still stands proudly near the Balkerne Gate displaying its fine elephant weather vane. Despite changing hands on several occasions, proposed redevelopment of the tower has so far failed

Modern technology! Who needs a phone box these days?

A lovely location !

Hi fedster, I haven't actually been there since I took the photo but as it is a conservation area I am confident that it is. In fact I saw something about it on TV recently. Roy

Many thanks for putting the record straight Neil. Roy.

In honour of Craig MacLean, 2012 Paralympic Games, Cycling Track - Men's B Sprint.

At approx. 637m just above Cairngorm base camp it is claimed to be the highest box in the UK. Telephone still in working order.

The Pulpit Rock or Clach nan Tarbh on the north west side of Loch Lomond at the side of the A82, is also known as the Stone of the Bulls. Legend has it that two bulls had a fight here and dislodged part of the hillside leaving this huge rock below.

It is said that in the early 19th century local people complained about the 8 mile walk to and from the nearest church. The vicar said that if they provided facilities he would come and preach to them. Apparently local men quarried a 10ft high hole in the face of the rock large enough to hold the minister and two others. A wooden platform with a pulpit was bolted to the rock and a the hole was covered by a wooden door. Services were in fact held at Pulpit Rock for 75 years

According to the Guinness Book of records, the largest bottle of whisky is to be found at the Glenturret Distillery near Crieff in Scotland.

The bottle is 5'5" tall and contains 228 litres (50.15gals) of Famous Grouse whisky. some 8000 drams.

The bottle was made by Czech manufacturer's Bomma at Svetla near Prague.

This cat flap was for Towser's use and is still available to the present incumbents.


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