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Yacht 'Diana' (1974 Hunter 25) based at Burlington, New Jersey, USA

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Nice cozy home they have there!

Well, there were abuses to the liberties that were already in place. I sort of feel sorry about it too; but I'm glad the beach seems friendlier to the other 95% of the people who might want to visit it. Such is life in a democracy.

This is not a 'branch line' but the 'mainline' of the Camden-Trenton RiverLine light-rail system as seen from the NJ Transit overpass. At this particular location a new bi-level interchange depot is being built for Atlantic City-Philadelphia and Camden-Trenton passengers to make connections.

Some Google Maps aerial pics show the area in which I was standing still under construction or not even there. It was still being finished when I stood here in July 2012; but despite how the angle appears from the satellite shots I really was at the end of the park's quay-- where this railing is-- and looking almost directly across at the end of the mooring jetty.

Just below where the head end of the train is in this picture will be a new bi-level depot, no under construction, to be an interchange between the Philadelphia-Atlantic City NJ Transit line and the Camden-Trenton RiverLine, enabling people along the Delaware River side of NJ to connect with Amtrak at 30th Street and to travel to AC without driving-- which can only be a plus.

I flipped this one over and she turned the wrong way, then the right way, towards the water. The collection of mussels and shells don't seem to bother her even though they make her look scrumptious to the seagulls. Hence the hard shell-- but their vulnerability is that any odd wave can just roll them over, for they sort of float in water unless they are on the very bottom.

This poor old mother seems to not know which way to go! I flipped her onto her feet and she just turned back ashore. Maybe she has not laid her eggs yet.
I hope the mussels and shells on her back do not make her appear too tasty a treat for the seagulls.

I did flip one over and she turned back and headed ashore again. And I scolded her about the dangers, till I realized she probably had not laid her eggs yet!

You can see that this one has already begun her successful turn towards the water after I flipped her back onto her feet.

That's my venerable little Cavalier at the fringe of the parking area. This is a popular spot for having midday lunch and watching boats.


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