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Yacht 'Diana' (1974 Hunter 25) based at Burlington, New Jersey, USA

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The white decal on the back of my 1994 Cavalier reads '300000', the mileage the car achieved in April 2012!

Is this all there is in Arizona, just this fence and some guys watching it? No wonder there are border-jumper problems. This should be a wide briar patch full of barbed wire like the East Germans had, or a steep, deep moat like medieval castles had. Someone needs to reread his history books.

Thank you for doing what you did. It's an act of human decency; alas, so few people might have done as much.

Did you ever find out what had happened to the mother? -why did she die? -why was the baby spared? -etc. Sometimes rangers have clues as to why these things happen.

Beautiful place!


Terrific photo. Perfectly symbolizes beauty of the river.

Looking S across inlet channel from Amico Island County Park; 9 May 2012, 10.21.

Sorry my car is in the photo; but I was eating lunch when I spotted the Sunfish sailor.

A boat of fishermen was drifting in the center of the channel till the Sunfish came near; then they started up and cut right across his path on their way downstream.

The tug crew must have a very dismal ride-- when looking out any but their bridge windows they have a view only of the inside of the barge's tugboat socket!

People carve their names and various heartfelt messages on the fallen tree beyond. This is a popular site for portrait photography as well. Apparently someone had left this flower here during a romantic stroll a few days before.

It was many years ago I photographed that building. I appreciate the update on it.


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