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Thank you all for your visits and for sharing. Please do not think anything of my delay in responding to comments, should I not respond immediately. I'll endeavour to do so, as soon as time permits. Photography is new to me, please enjoy my experiments, learning curves and perspectives. Feel free to share your's, not limited to but notably, if you have something to share regarding improving photographic technique. Kind Regards, erikvz

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Thank you Dino. Your gallery is incredible, most inspirational! erik

Да, вот такой странный Кап...

Всего доброго, Сергей.

THANKS ..... ERIK, greetings chiara

my sentiments exactly motorhand, the reason I decided to capture the scene. Thanks for your visit. erik

brilliant! the "real" flower on the outside, the "ghostly" flower on the inside. Or is the observer always on the outside, in the real world? Excellent subject and treatment. L & YS. wonderful gallery and artistry Abdullah. Thanks you.

like a child hiding their head behind the leg of a table, body exposed, thinking that if they cant see the world, then it cant see them! thank you for the humour in this capture. Kind regards, erik

Hello DON Z, thanks for visit and L

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Many thanks Sergey and welcome to my little gallery!

To Michele Leonardi

Michele che dire! Scusami per la replica tardiva, mi sono accorsto solo ora del tuo messaggio!

Ti ringrazio! Questo scatto e' stato improvvisato!

Un caro saluto!



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