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Elena, у вас так много изумительно восхитительных снимков!.. Удачи и успеха вам! Желаю и дальше радовать всех нас великолепием своих работ! С приветом и наиллучшими пожеланиями из России, с далёкой Камчатки! Like + Favorite!

Thanks for providing all of these lovely pics! I totally enjoy your site!

We have two table mtns near Fresno. One might think that they were closely related but the geologists say that Big Table mtn is much younger, if I recall correctly (which at my age is unlikely). The numbers 6 million for the basalt capped Big Table mtn comes to mind. Little table top (by hwy 41 and 145) is a sandstone capped 60 million year old formation. For a real treat hike around up on Big Table top in the spring after our rains (if such exist). There are the most intriguing vernal pools up there! But if you are an aviator with an engine-out, please do not even consider landing up there! It looks smooth from a distance but the big chunky rocks will tear you apart.

I saw a wolverine up close in (I think) Desolation wilderness, about 35 years ago. I read about a scientist researching the wolverine population. I am an experienced wild life observer but since I don't have a doctorate my story doesn't count.

You see so many bobcats! Congrats!

Nice shot! More scared than angry I would guess.

Thanks for posting these pics, I enjoy them and this area.

Janice, do you have a PARTICULAR reason for your No Trespassing signs? Has there been a problem with litter? Defacing/graffiti? Damaging things? Do people violate your privacy when you are here? Is this maybe a proactive move to lower some perceived liability exposure? No, I have not visited your hot springs. GeoB

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