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I am a middle aged self employed Thatcher, living in the South West of England. I love taking photographs and I like to try and capture all the things around me. My main interests are insects and wildlife, but if anything catches my eye I will photograph it.

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Of course I don't mind! The truth is, I have many other things I want to do with my time. I already spend lots of that time helping them with their school work and I can't make up for everything that is missing from their education. The good news is that he will have a math tutor starting today after school. I hope that helps. (It complicates matters that he does have a learning disability, which I think is simply a difficulty concentrating on what is in front of him - unless it has to do with anything on wheels!)

Hello Patrick, Henk and David! Thank you all for your very nice L&Fs. David, I suppose my great-grandchildren will indeed scratch their heads over this road to nowhere!

Diane I am lucky that there plenty of old trees where I live and they often have strange formations, as for other oddities I have found, I think it is my interest in the little things that surround us. It is easy to see a forest but do we notice the trees. When I was a kid I could be seen walking around with my head down looking at the ground and the grown up's would tell me off for not looking where I was going, they may have been right, because I was knocked over by a car when I was seven. But the point is that I have always been observant of the Macro world. It is surprising what many people miss happening right at there feet. War, murder, rape, cannibalism and history happen all around us every day, every where, all we have to do is look. :)

I think that the nests of Hornets and wasps have a surreal look. Beautiful and breathtaking. Each band represent a mouthful of pulped wood and the colours are the differing types of wood. This nest was about the size of a basket ball, that's a lot of chewed wood.

Diane I once had an American Lady staying with me and I think she shared your opinion judging by the screams and blasphemy that erupted from her bedroom one night :)

Diane The plant is a type of wild Arum lilly, the reference 'Lords and Lady's' is a sexual one as far as I know. The male part of the plant is penis shaped and it is enclosed in a flower structure that vaguely resembles a vagina, people of the past often had literal (and dirty) minds. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arum_maculatum

Hi, A.W. Beautiful view. Wonderful picture. LIKE. Best wishes from Ukraine, Sergey

Hello, Bea, thank you for your L&F! I have only known two or three incessantly enthusiastic people in my life. They are exhausting! : b

How in the world...? Indeed an oddity. L&F.

Witaj Kalina

Bardzo sympatyczna... zajadala sobie czerwone jabłuszko, kapala się w baseniku (widocznym na zdjęciu) a potem pozowala mi do zdjecia :)


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