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Rotensande Langbett 1

Long Barrow in Schleswig-Holstein.

The four Long Barrows of Rotensande. Located on a very beautiful spot on the Schwansen peninsula. Three barrows close together, one more a little distant. The numbering is by me, as I could reach them.

Langholz Steingrab

Burial Chamber (Dolmen) in Schleswig-Holstein. Near the Baltic Sea, on the Schwansen peninsula, in a forest near Langholz. I took the footpath from Klein-Waabs, a 10 minute walk with a nice view out to the sea. A very beautiful tomb, a Dolmen out of the book. Smallest Dolmen I have seen, it is just some 1.5 metres high. One capstone, five uprights. It has been restored in 1977, the tomb is dated 2900 - 2600 BCE.

Gulde Thing Platz [Guly Thing]

The Guly Thing near Gulde... (pronounced 'Ting') A strange place, in my opinion. The people doing the rebuilding started with the 'reconstruction' of a THING place, but it came out like the stage for the next 'Conan the Barbarian' movie! A big number of mighty stones have been brought here from the surrounding area, and then set up to what looks like a round table with places for the eldest and the leaders.

The problem is, I have have never seen such a thing (= thing) as an original. Is this set up from pure fantasy and too much Hollywood?

Then I read the information boards, and they talk about the 'Power of the Stones', and that dowsers have found this place to be of positive influence (Geomanten).

Furthermore, they added more stony atrocities. There is a 'reconstructed' Dolmen, but this seems strange. I have seen a lot of the local Dolmen, but none look like this. It has a passage to the front, and all I have seen have passages at the long sides.

There is more: A grave with a Standing 'Rune' stone and stone rows at the sides.

To top it all: a big stone with the words 'WAHRHEIT GEHT VOR RECHT' ('Truth before Law', or 'First the truth, then the Law')

Also, you can have a nice barbecue at some stone tables, sitting on stone chairs.

Thorsberger Moor Ancient Settlement in Schleswig-Holstein.

The Thorsberg moor (Thorsberger Moor, Tosbarch, Tåsbjerre "Thor's hill") near Süderbrarup in Anglia, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany from the 1st century BC to the 4th century AD served as the location of votive deposits by the Angles and is hence the location of important Roman Iron Age finds, including early Elder Futhark inscriptions such as the Thorsberg chape, a Roman helmet, a shield buckle, and early socks. The finds are of similar importance as the contemporary finds from Danish Illerup and Vimose.

The deposits dedicated to Thor from ca. AD 200 become more martial in character. This trend has been connected with the Marcomannic war (AD 166 to 180). Just outside the moor is an Iron Age tumulus with a stone circle.

The moor was excavated 1858 to 1861 by Flensburg teacher Conrad Engelhardt. The objects recovered by Engelhardt are on exhibit in the Gottorp Palace museum; another 500 finds are on exhibit in Copenhagen.

Suederbrarup Grabhuegel Kummerhy The Kummerhy is an excavated Round Barrow. It is dated 650 - 500 BCE. The Standing Stone is about 2 metres high, and has a lot of cup holes. The circle of stones was added some time later, between 900 to 1000.

Munkwolstrup Langbett [LA31] A restored Long Barrow in Munkwolstrup. This is Angeln in the North-Eastern part of Schleswig-Holstein. I have seen the restored Long Barrow of (not-too-far) Karlsminde, and was much disappointed about what they did in Munkwolstrup. Only 2 of the original stones were left in 1951. The barrow had about 60 stones each side before, and 5 stones on the front. The only basis for the rebuild was a 300 year old sketch. This sketch was done in a strange way, the barrow was lined out in an exact rectangle. I have seen other sketches of that age (about Albersdorf) and there the graves were also drawn with an exact rectangular shape, not in the rounded and stretched form they really had. Anyway, the stone rows here are set up like they used an alignment laser. The tombs seem to be made from pure fantasy, well, they could have been like that. The 6 other barrows, located all around this Long Barrow, resemble the original state of the restored one. Nothing is left there, just some scattered stones and holes where the tombs have been before. Furthermore they had the strange idea to use the Long Barrow as a path through the ages. You walk along some information signs, on a small footpath inside the barrow.

Hagenah Steinkistengrab

Chambered Tomb in Lower Saxony.

Dated 1400 to 1250 BCE.

Near to the graveyard of this village, it is very easy to find and in perfect condition.

It was found in 1930.

Hammah Steingrab 2

Portal Tomb in Lower Saxony

In a little forest near Hammah.

There is a sign at the road at

53°37'54.68"N 9°23'33.02"E [53.631856N 9.392506E]

Go all the way down to the forest on the left.

There is one more tomb nearby.

Round Barrow in Hamburg. One of the very few round barrows in the city area of Hamburg. Located near the airport, right at one of the main streets leading north.

Ein Paradies mitten in Hamburg...


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