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Tosterglope Steingrab

Chambered Tomb in Lower Saxony.

Destroyed Burial Chamber in a forest near Tosterglope.

I had the location from the official map, without knowing what to expect.

I found only some earthwork, and some single stones. Later I found out, that according to Sprockhoff, the tomb should be some 150m more south.

At: 53°12'54.97"N 10°48'18.43"E [53.215269N 10.805119E]

So, I am not sure if it was the right location.

Timbrook Steingrab

Chambered Tomb in Schleswig-Holstein.

A destroyed chambered tomb in a very beautiful spot near Lilienthal.

Emsen Ganggrab

Coming from the destroyed tomb of the nearby Langenrehm, I was very impressed when I realized the state of this beautiful passage grave in a forest near Emsen.

The way to go into the forest was very muddy, only a lot of horse riders passed by. The tomb is some 50 metres off the path, and not visible from there. So you come nearer and it kind of appears from the ground, because the earthwork of a Long Barrow is still there, just that all the outer stones are gone.

The tomb was excevated in 1950 by Willi Wegewitz and Ernst Sprockhoff.

Almost all the capstones are missing, but looking at the construction of the uprights and the passage is very interesting. Eight stones are leaned to the middle, standing there exactly in position. The stones look very similar, which adds to the perfect look of the tomb. The passage is very small and has an interesting detail, a small flatened stone is the door.

I recommend the 'Emsen Ganggrab' for an unforgetable visit. I was there just now, so the autumn leaves add to the feeling of the pictures.

Strukkamp Steingrab (Fehmarn)

Burial Chamber (Dolmen) in Schleswig-Holstein.

On the island Fehmarn, Baltic Sea.

Very close to the beach, a surfers paradise, now in a little forest, there is one of the few remaining tombs on Fehmarn Island.

Not much place there, you can just walk arround it, so i couldnt get a nice total shot.

One of the uprights is missing.

Trivia: In the 19th century this dolmen was used as a landmark for passing ships. There was no forest then, so they painted a big white cross on the capstone.

This may have saved the dolmen from destruction.

Strenglin Huegelgrab 2

A Round Barrow near Strenglin

Strenglin Huegelgrab 1

A Round Barrow near Strenglin

The 'Steingrab Birkenmoor', a real beauty. 'Frontal' view of the chamber..

The 'Steingrab Birkenmoor', a real beauty.

Steinahlkenheide Steingrab

Burial Chamber (Dolmen) in Lower Saxony.

A restored stone tomb in the Steinahlkenheide.

One of the missing capstones was used for a war memorial.

All stones were ripped out of the original location until 1978, when a restauration was carried out. So the current state is not original.

Reinfeld Steingrab

This is the restored Dolmen of Reinbek. The tomb consists of 10 standing stones and 3 capstones.

Located on a hill in a forest (Neuer Hau) near Reinbek. Parking is possible in the 'Schuhwiese' [53.84131N 10.48452E]. From there is a beautiful footpath to the tomb. At last you walk up the stairs to the hilltop.


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