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Kleinmoorbruecke Steingrab

Burial Chamber (Dolmen) in Schleswig-Holstein.

A beautiful Dolmen on the Schwansen peninsula.

Kellinghusen Huegelgrab submitted by holger_rix

Round Barrow in Schleswig-Holstein near the city of Kellinghusen. There is a parking place and opposite is a nice footpath, a way up the hill through a forest.

When you leave the path and follow the way up to the top the barrow is right there. Even though the path goes across it people walk over it and have no clue it's there.

Karlsminde Langbett

A completely restored Long Barrow in Schleswig-Holstein.

Maybe 'the' Long Barrow of Northern Germany, because you will find pictures of it in almost every article about stone age or stone tombs.

Located near the Baltic Sea, on the peninsula of Schwansen. A very nice area, and worth the travel.

It was restored between 1976 and 1978. Check the Official Sign closely, there is a nice 'before and after' sketch. The three tombs in the barrow are almost original, and the surrounding stones have been put back to position.

Some data: Length: 60m, Width: 5,5m, Height: 2,5m. Dated 2500 BCE

Itzehoe Steingrab [Warringholz]

Passage Grave in Schleswig-Holstein.

Close to the famous Tumulus of Itzehoe, the 'Germanengrab'

The tomb has been moved to here from the village Warringholz.

Two of the stones carry cup-marks. The cap stones are missing.

Itzehoe Germanengrab am Galgenberg

Round Barrow in Schleswig-Holstein.

Big Round Barrow with a history.

In the town of Itzehoe.

What started as a Grave for a man and his wife, grew bigger and bigger and more and more graves where build on this barrow. It is dated 1600 - 1200 BCE.

Later on, the Barrow was used as a Hangmans Hill. For some 300 years the local murderers had a hard time on the Galgenberg.

The Barrow was excavated in 1937 and the 12 different graves where discovered. The also found a blue glass pearl, which is the oldest piece of glass found in Schleswig-Holstein.

The local Nazis jumped on the story and called the place 'Germanengrab'

The first 3 graves were restored, and they build a huge circled enclosure arround it.

The Nazis planned to missuse the graves as a place to celebrate the german archetype, the Arian.

The place arround the Barrow was prepared for the shows of the SS, SA and Deutsche Wehrmacht.

see picture here:

After the war, the Round Barrow was restored to the original size. You can still visit the restored graves. There is a hallway and door in the barrow, and you can look on the graves through a lattice door.

The Dolmen of Huesby has been excavated from a Round Barrow not far from the village.

The barrow has been used by several generations, and was surrounded by 3 rings of stones.

The capstone is not original. The original has been brought to the museum of Schloss Gottorf in Schleswig

Huegelgrab Bergstedt Between Sasel and Bergstedt, to the north of Hamburg, is the 'Naturschutzgebiet Hainisch Iland', where you can find a number of Round Barrows.

(sorry for bad picture, made with Handy)

Hopen Huegelgrab

Round Barrow in Schleswig-Holstein.

A Round Barrow at the airport of St. Michaelisdonn (Hopen)...

Heide Steingrab (Schalkholz)

Passage Grave in Schleswig-Holstein.

In a park in the city of Heide.

This Passage Grave was moved here from the village Schalkholz in 1970.

Hanerau Hademarschen Steingrab

Passage Grave in Schleswig-Holstein.

When you come to Hanerau Hademarschen, look for a parking place near the school.

Right next to it is a public sport area... you walk through. Then you will see a tower and two mighty tumulus on both sides. The one to the left has an excavated stone tomb that you can reach via a passage at the rear..


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