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very nice. we dont't have this kind of barrow over here...

Nice shot of a beautiful land. Greetings from France.

Damp Steinkreis [Rote Maas]

Stone Circle in a little forest near Damp, close to the Baltic Sea, on the Schwansen peninsula. The only 'real' Stone Circle in Schleswig-Holstein. 'Real' because it is not a part of a tomb, and consists of 9 Standing Stones approximately 1 metre high.

The official maps don't mention it, and there is no official sign at or near the place. Lots of fallen and almost fallen trees around, no path leads to it. Not many people come here. Indeed, the place is somewhat spooky.

But the presence of the Stone Circle is very impressive. Too bad you can't catch that in a picture. The Circle is some 10 metres in diameter, and if you try to get a full picture there are too many trees in the way.

There are some explanations about the name Rote (red) Maas, but they are just a guess. 'Maas' is a common word here, for example there is a village called 'Maasholm' and another one 'Maasbuell'.

Actually at least 2 of the stones look pretty red. There are some head sized stones in the middle of the circle, but my guess is that they have been put there by some Mumbo Jumbo people.

Sasel Huegelgrab

Round Barrow Schleswig-Holstein.

A Round Barrow near the village of Sasel.

The barrow is located on a 'military only' area, but you can see it from the fence. The name 'Witten Wiewerbarg' is mentioned on the informational sign.

This means 'White Women's Hill'

Sieversdorf Huegelgrab

Round Barrow in Schleswig-Holstein.

A Round Barrow in a forest western of Sieversdorf.

Breitenstein Huegelgrab

Round Barrow in Schleswig-Holstein.

I was searching for informations on stone circles, and found that the area of Grebin has a circle in its coat of arms.

The reason is a so called "Nekropole Timmberg".

I found a 'Huegelgrab' on the map, right there in the forest 'Timmberg Holz'.

But no stone circle, just this nice barrow.

Wietzetze Langbett

Long Barrow in Lower Saxony.

South of the village of Witzetze, a small way is leading into a forest. As you just enter the forest, you will see the end of a Long Barrow, there is a parking space and also some informational sign. The Long Barrow is pretty much overgrown, anyhow its a nice place to visit.

Wennerstorf Steingrab

Chambered Tomb in Lower Saxony.

Remains of a Burial Chamber near Wennerstorf. Also called the 'Margaretenstein'.

Just two uprights are still in place. Sadly, this tomb is pretty much destroyed.

Walmsburg Langbett 2

Long Barrow in Lower Saxony.

Remains of a Long Barrow in the 'Schieringer Forst'

It is some 300 metres away from the 'Langbett 1', and very close to an unusual stone tomb. The tombs of this barrow seem to be missing, there is no chamber within the 2 still visible stone rows.

Walmsburg Langbett 1

Long Barrow in Lower Saxony.

This is the Schieringer Forst (forest), at the northern border, near the river Elbe. Remains of a Long Barrow, with a lot of stones (I didn't count) left. Most of them have fallen, and there is no visible tomb.


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