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Hammah Steingrab 3

Passage Grave in Lower Saxony.

Certainly the better known tomb in Hammah, because it is in perfect condition and near the road.

A stunning beauty and must-see.

More then 4000 years old, so they say.

Hammah Steingrab 1 Remains of a Passage Grave in a little forest near Hammah, Lower Saxony.

There is a sign at the road at 53°37'54.68"N 9°23'33.02"E [53.63185 N 9.39251 E]

Go all the way down to the forest on the left.

There is one more tomb nearby (Hammah Steingrab 2)

Gross Roennau Steingrab

Burial Chamber (Dolmen) in Schleswig-Holstein.

Gross Roennau has a nice big informational map in the 'center' of the village, but there is no info about this fascinating Dolmen at all.

As there is almost no information on this tomb on the web, I took a closer look at Gross Roennau in Google Earth. I searched for little spots, that might be a stone tomb.

With 4 different coordinates in my GPS I was on my way. After 2 tries, I crossed the village once again, and saw a lady working in her garden and asked her.

Her first somewhat angry face lightened up and yes, she told me the way. But she said, most likely I cannot access it because it is hidden in a corn field.

I followed her instructions, and found a corn field. Well, at least now i knew where it should be, and prepared for third attempt later this year.

Back to car, a short look arround, suddenly i discovered a strange shape through the bushes, on a field nearby.

And there it was, right there in the middle of a field, standing there like a monument...

Goosefeld Langbett

A Long Barrow near Goosefeld.

41 Meters long, 7 Meters wide. dated 2500 BCE.

On the north-western end is a small stone tomb (Steinkiste) The two tombs in the barrow are missing.

As it seems, the remaining 'Urdolmen' has been destroyed by vandals.

Die Markierung ist doch an der Straße Richtung Flehm; die geht nun mal durch den Wald.

Emsen Ganggrab

Coming from the destroyed tomb of the nearby Langenrehm, I was very impressed when I realized the state of this beautiful passage grave in a forest near Emsen.

The way to go into the forest was very muddy, only a lot of horse riders passed by. The tomb is some 50 metres off the path, and not visible from there. So you come nearer and it kind of appears from the ground, because the earthwork of a Long Barrow is still there, just that all the outer stones are gone.

The tomb was excevated in 1950 by Willi Wegewitz and Ernst Sprockhoff.

Almost all the capstones are missing, but looking at the construction of the uprights and the passage is very interesting. Eight stones are leaned to the middle, standing there exactly in position. The stones look very similar, which adds to the perfect look of the tomb. The passage is very small and has an interesting detail, a small flatened stone is the door.

I recommend the 'Emsen Ganggrab' for an unforgetable visit. I was there just now, so the autumn leaves add to the feeling of the pictures.

Eimstorf Steingrab

A partly overgrown stone tomb near Lueneburg in Lower Saxony.

A massive capstone still seems to be in place.

Again, the pictures cannot realy show the magic of such a place.

You can see more with your eyes, You hear the whispering of the forest, some sunbeams fill the place with twilight.

Edendorf Steingrab

Remains of a Passage Grave near the village Edendorf in Lower Saxony.

In 1846 there were 5 tombs in this local area.

You still see a lot of bolders scattered arround.

This is the only tomb that survived. 7 uprights are more or less in place, with 2 more of the former passage. One capstone is still there, but has fallen over the side in 1963. Nevertheless, this is an impressive tomb.


The 'Brautberg' near Bordesholm. It is a big Round Barrow. The name means 'Bridehill'.... Brides should walk arround this hill the day before they marry. Today it is possible to marry right there on the Round Barrow, things will be arranged by the local 'Standesamt' (registry office) There are four stones on the hill, they have been brought here when the nearby road was build.

Bovenau Steingrab 2

Near Bovenau, hidden in a bush are the remains of a Passage Grave.

I was there for the second time. Last time a barking dog and the bad weather kept me from investigating that bush, visible from the street, just some 20 Meters distant.

Certainly I would have gone there, if I knew before what was waiting for me.

The Passage Grave, hidden in the bush. View on the passage. The chamber is almost intact, cap stones are missing.


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