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Albertsdorf Dolmen (Fehmarn)

Burial Chamber (Dolmen) in Schleswig-Holstein.

On the island Fehmarn, Baltic Sea.

Very close to the beach, a surfers paradise, now in a little forest, there is one of the few remaining tombs on Fehmarn Island.

Not much place there, you can just walk arround it, so i couldn't get a nice total shot.

One of the uprights is missing.

Trivia: In the 19th century this dolmen was used as a landmark for passing ships. There was no forest then, so they painted a big white cross on the capstone (check picture on official sign).

This may have saved the dolmen from destruction.

These are two of those three tombs.

In the background, the Baltic Sea.

Behind those trees on the right is the campsite.

sidenote: if you go here, and you feel hungry, go to the little retaurant there called TONI. order the 'Sauerfleisch mit Bratkartoffeln'. you will never forget those potatoes. :-)

Steinbeck Huenenschloss

Long Barrow in Lower Saxony. The last remains of a big hunebed.

It was called 'Huenenschloss' which means the same like 'Giant's Castle'.

Ulsnis Glockenturm auf Grabhuegel

Round Barrow(s) in Schleswig-Holstein.Barrow.

(source www.ur-bild.de)

I couldn't find information about its age. See also http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ulsnis (german)

Idstedt Huegelgrab

Round Barrow(s) in Schleswig-Holstein. A nice, big Round Barrow with an unusual shape near Idstedt...

Bollingstedt Huegelgrab

Round Barrow(s) in Schleswig-Holstein.

A nice Round Barrow near Bollingstedt.

Dellbruecker Kammer

Burial Chamber (Dolmen) in Schleswig-Holstein

Not far from the street Albersdorf to Meldorf, near a farm in the village of Dellbrueck.

A mighty Dolmen with two capstones.

Dated 2700 BCE

The most important megalithic stone of Schleswig-Holstein.

This stone is endangered by:

rain containing too much acid

air polution

people who use the cup marks as an ashtray

people who throw stones on top of it

people who walk arround on it

people who fill the cup marks with stuff

people who put candles into the cup marks

people who try to 'enhance' the effect of the carvings

by painting, chalking or scratching.

They should bring this stone to the museum in Schleswig.

Reinfeld Steingrab

This is the restored Dolmen of Reinfeld. The tomb consists of 10 standing stones and 3 capstones.

Located on a hill in a forest (Neuer Hau) near Reinfeld. Parking is possible in the 'Schuhwiese' [53.84131N 10.48452E]. From there is a beautiful footpath to the tomb. At last you walk up the stairs to the hilltop

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