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Is this Poeville or The Tanks?

There's a select place for those who blaspheme then hurt my rock art.

Dr. Walt 0 minutes ago Might have better luck finding a Burro burrow in a borough. LOL They are out there. In Oatman, they are pests.

Looks like they got a little too much Chloride in that truck . . . it ate everything else away. LOL

Many, many, many years ago I worked in a Gold & Silver leaching operation. Since Water at these remote Mills was a precious commodity, it was reused as much as possible. After the 'pregnant' Cyanide solution was pumped out, the Slimes (what you see) were shoveled out by hand instead of wasting precious water to pump the Slimes to a settling pond. That is why you usually see the Slimes in piles around the tanks.

Lava on the ceiling is very jagged and sharp. I got the point.

Now there's my missing Chess pieces! Now where's that darn Chess Board? LOL

Got out to the Epsom Salts Monorail a few years back. But am prohibited from posting my pictures, since it is all on China Lake. The ultimate bucket list California ghost railroad. So Dr. Walt, what is the Mojave Megaphone? Along the T&T between Ludlow & Crucero.

What's really amazing is I can remember buying Gas in the late 1960's for only 17 cents a gallon. Talk about highway robbery . . . .

@ Jana Riley - WRONG! You have your facts confused. These are part of the "Castles In Clay" in Shoshone, CA, and are NOT part of Barker Ranch and were NEVER used by Manson & his gang. These were created back in the 1920's , long before Manson and any of his followers were Born.

Barker Ranch is approximately 46 air-miles to the West at 35* 51' 34.62" N Lat. X 117* 05' 18.62" W Lon. in Goler Wash, approximately 15 air-miles SE of Ballarat, CA in the southern end of the Panamint Valley.

I actually met and talked with Charles Manson at Ballarat, CA shortly after they had murdered those people in L.A. and he invited me to visit him at Barker Ranch. I didn't go, which is probably the reason I'm alive today to talk about it. <Dr. Walt Cosdon - Pahrump, Nevada>

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