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GOOGLE VIEWS ? NO THANKS....NON A L ARRET DE PANORAMIO. PANORAMIO MUST TO LIVE. SAY NO TO STOP PANORAMIO. Souvent on voyage trois fois; la première on imagine les endroits , la seconde on voit et on vit les lieux, et la troisième ce sont les souvenirs...Et n'oubliez pas..La vie est trop importante pour être prise sérieusement(Oscar Wilde) Often we travel three times, the first one we imagine the places, the second we see the places and we live the moments, and the third we have the memories ...And don't forget...Life is too important to be taken seriously (Oscar Wilde)

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S priateľským pozdravom zo Slovenska, Filip - panoramio | youtube | blog | google+


S priateľským pozdravom zo Slovenska, Filip - panoramio | youtube | blog | google+

We did Beach Road at almost same weather... Nice lonely journey and chance for "nooks" - freedom camping at this part of NZ is a bit easier than at others.

It seems to me, you made a small detour to avoid the place where road is eroded by the ocean (situation seems to be more hazardous than it was in 2009)

Ahh, these places are so important for bicycle traveller! :D

yeah, right! It's so steep it has an entry in Wikipedia!

Another heart of New Zealand! It's so easy to fall in love with this country...

How typical shapes for North Island! Up and down, up and down... you know. ;-)

Cyclist is never alone...

So we do! We had one 24 hours rain during the month behind Arctic Circle (Nordkapp trip), but mostly it was fine. Of course, couple of showers, drizzlers from the mist and short summer storms, but only about 4 or 5 days with more serious and unpleasant rain.

But I have to say, I had no "vertical shower" in NZ within almost 4 months.

Cheers, Tom



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