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resembles,similar to Jaisalmer fort gate

the Ariel rope way at Ambaajee temple at Mehsana,Guj that brings devotees to 'Gabbar Tila' where a PERPETUAL JOJTI faces Ambajee SANCTUM SANATORIUM below

ancient (4th -9th AD)Badoli temple complex near Kota -Rajasthan-India

at lower,below elephants row R 'Griffins' Dwarfs resembling Sphinxes,that keep watch on occult bad omens / incidences,while Apsaras celestial diites welcome the Vishnu god at Kiradu temple complex

this Mahadev shiv mandir-Hatkehwar shiv temple was built during Solanki-Panwar rule during 9th century AD,on Gurjara-Partihian Maru style .The Vasnagar is now a Heritage city & NaMo's residence

This is one of the ruined temple of Mahadeva (of the seven ruins at temple complex Kiradu,(Raj) built during Gurjara-Parthara rule of Kannauj, in Mewar of Rajasthn,built in Maru-Guru-Partihara architecture ,wich is presumed to be evolved from Vedic- Gandhara- Sharda Peeth, & brought during Post Gupta rule ,& developed diffused gradually during various artistic skill as developed by Sakas,Greco-Parthian,Hunas ,which is today termed as Parmar-Solanki style

Kindly zoom towards moon cresent which is clearly visimle on 250 deg from Sikhara TOP .

More Detail of Temple Archaeology is at and Shikhar Flag stone will be posted (dated 20 -10-2008 )soon

Hi! sciencegroupofindia ,can your group throw some views on a simalar temple architecture of 'Sharda' temple complex situated on the confulence of Kishen Ganga & Madhumita in PoK across/ near LOC.The sikar though missing resembles the Gandhara-Kashmeree style which after fall of Gupta empire evovled into now famous NAGRA-GURJAR-PARTIHAR style

vinod sharma jee,by ks i meant kartik swamy,& of Narender Modi's astounding victory ,it seems that the wish was fulfilled & my efforts did not go waste for k s temple visit for hanging the 'Na Mo'brass bell,as is righly said 'prayers go up blessings come down' .unluckily due to overcast sky and drizzling rain ,i could not capture the 360 degree panoramic view of himalayn ranges.shall wait till election commisson 2019 general election dates.

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