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People don't believe me when I call this area "Swampland," but this is an old and saturated region, and most of the highways are two-lane, often with no shoulders. So if you leave the highway, this is where we will find you! I left my car in a drive about a quarter mile away to walk back and take this picture--and when I got back to the car, it had frozen into the ice and snow on the drive and I had to dig my way out to the highway again--the ice, covered by the snow, was at least a half-inch thick, and the tires couldn't get a grip on it.

Thank you very much, Corey and Stefan! It was certainly a good time to be standing in the middle of a very muddy field . . . .

Excellent shot, impressive! YSL
Even the car is nice and evocative ;)
Greetings, Hg

« J'ai finalement obtenu mes chaussures et des chaussettes sur-alors moi ai réalisé que mes jeans étaient toujours sur le lit. Ainsi j'ai dit, « l'enfer avec lui. ""

L+F, Paolo!

¡De las fotografías de Pablo es suficiente para cualquier exposición, seguramente!

Belle photo et beau bateau. Jean louis

You've got the stuff, all right! Keep this up and someday soon they will probably let you return to Paris . . . . ;-)

И что сие должно значить! :-) Like!

Thank you, Tony! I am glad you like it! Yes, we have been enjoying snow in this country for centuries reaching back at least to the Ice Ages. In the south we have usually not quite so much, and as a result there is less planning for it. But when the Arctic air rolls off the Canadian Shield and down across the south as it has now, we can be quite uncomfortable for several weeks--not enough insulation in our houses, not enough heavy winter wear, often not enough ways to heat our houses.

Snow like this comes so seldom here that few people have any idea how to drive in it, and often the greatest hazard on the roads is from other drivers who do not consider the conditions, or do not know how to adjust to them. The cities, too, have seldom invested their resources in snow plows, so it takes longer to "dig out."

Very beautiful, the frozen tree with some birds of the wings.

Best wishes to you from Switzerland, Tony.



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