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Thank you




for a friendly visit and nice comments! Warm friendly greetings, Al

What, are you using it for your desktop picture?

Love those Carolina pine trees! Thanks, r.w.!

You don't run into these every day, but you sure wish you did!

Thank you, Rainer! It pulled me straight off the highway while I was heading for home, and the group was literally taken between sessions of wiping raindrops off the polarizing filter. I was hoping, however, that I could share it with you, and I am very glad you like it!

Thank you DW and Corey.

We in Virginia are threatened with gratuitous snow in our near future as well--but as Tarheels have always said below the border, "Nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina in the morning!" The Carolina afternoons, however, can have some rain and wind--the 5:30 PM ferry from Currituck to Knott's Island (which I had proposed to take to return home yesterday evening) was cancelled because no one wanted to set out from Knott's Island in the teeth of 40 MPH winds to pick us up. I think they made the right decision . . . .

It was something of a surprise to find it resting quietly beside the field. Google of course does not share your enthusiasm, but perhaps his Dad could never afford a car. He will find, if his hi-tech driverless car arrives here with its hi-tech photographerless camera, that this is in fact a feature of the landscape--which may well be "visible" from Outer Space, brought to us by robot cameras in unmanned satellites . . . .

Next I suppose Google will erase itself!

I have to admit every time I see an interesting tree I think about Magda Ghali, and whether she might like a picture of it. Nice sky that day, too! I'm very glad you like it!

It's a great house, all right--National Registry and everything! I have to thank a lady over in Claremont (who resides in another historic structure) for giving me directions to the house--she had found it quite photogenic also!



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