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It certainly caught my attention!

Yes you must always scroll down. But often if, as we see in this building, there is a clearly fresh-painted "photo op structure" facing a main-traveled road, I do make the assumption that thousands of others have photographed it before me, and so I try not to exercise my usual encyclopedic approach to the subject matter.

Looks like an intentional copy of the Jarvisburg Colored School Google just down the highway, to be exact. This church is definitely what you and I would call "new built," and was I think originally intended to be an antiques store. But see how clever you are?

So it was you who gave it the "L+F"? Thanks, r.w.!

One of my favorites, too!

Thanks, Corey. This was our only visit to Altun Ha, but it is a good first Belize Maya site to visit, and not too far from Belize City if one happens to be staying there.

This island is where the 1% hangs out to avoid the rest of humanity. Even the taxi driver was so rude that we walked all over town. NR.

Thanks, Corey! This was taken with my first digital camera, which my wife found and purchased for me. Secretly I have always been very proud of this picture. Here, interestingly, we have three favorites, but you seem to be the first to like it!

Hi, Corey! You get to be first to name it a favorite! Beautiful place, all right! Don't know if I'd ever want to rent a car there again, though--maybe a boat . . . .



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