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A man of peace has no enemies. If you believe you can find peace by preparing for or making war, your enemy lies within.

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Five days is not very long, and I suspect your daughter wanted your company! I'm glad you had safe travels, anyway--you must be several million miles ahead of me by now!

Now we settle in to watch the snow melt. I am glad you got in and out before the storm!

You may enjoy reading this article from 1999. Of course it refers tangentially to the late Bishop Walter Sullivan, but it does suggest that perhaps the diocesan mailbox stays pretty full . . . . Google

Thank you, Tony! Yes, even on a sunny day those shadows will bring up the purple!

Thanks, Tony! Most of the storm slid off north of us and landed from Washington to New York--but it did shut down our Starbucks Coffee House, so no New York Times delivered today. Eh.

Thank you, Mr. Martin! Composition is not easy, but when traffic is moving at about 5 mph with frequent and extended stops, it is difficult not to look about for interesting subject matter!

Now we might suppose this is an example of why it is wise to issue bright clothing to police officers--they are often forced out of their vehicles in the pursuit of their occupation: and a black uniform is nearly invisible beside a midnight-blue vehicle.

A very nice presentation. * L * Greetings Günter

Beautiful photo!!L82Greetings from Athens

Thank you, Mr. Martin! I am very glad you like it!

Best wishes!

Doug Reynolds

It is the Hatcher Island Bridge, carrying Community Road onto Hatcher Island (right) from the mainland (left). Thank you for asking, as you have led me to research the location. The War on the Black Vultures does seem a bit curious, as we have so many costly wars going on at once . . . .



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